Hello, I am looking for a 5/6IV female hawalucha with any egg moves and preferably a nice pokeball (luxury/pokeball) I don

Welcome to my Weekend Cloning Services! I am only available at the weekend from about _3pm Saturday until 3pm Sunday_ dependi

Hello! I am desperate for a shiny Latios with 6IV's, any level will do but it must have 6IV's please! I'd prefer

Hello! I have a small list of shinies for trade, some Kalos Born, some not, and some rare event shinies! Male Spritzee l

I just found a reset bag in my game and since I don't play competitively I was wondering if anyone wants me to use it on

Yeah I have quite a few... Will accept any offer really XD I have a mix of male and female so they are pretty good for br

I want a shiny flabebe, any IV's, any nature, nicknamed or not it doesn't matter :P I just think nicknames are adorab

President Bieber and Vice President JLS????? Nooooooooooooooooooo...
Busy doing nothing! And lots of breeding.... pikachu breeding....
I'm bored.... and sick of not being able to access wifi!!!!!!!
Don't really know what to say about this game.... The idea of been able to change your partner is good. PokemonRangerShadowsOfAlmia DS
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