I am a cheerleader for THE CALIFORNIA COBRAS! WHOOOOO! I am the captain! Here's our team signiture cheer:

I'm Wh-Wh-Whitney,
I'm THE Big Carver!,
Dude, it's Darcy,
Just call me Casey
And I'm still Big Red

We dazzle, we scorch, but now I pass the torch
The ballots are in, and 1 girl had to win
She shines like the sun, and now she's number 1
And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere she is!

T-T-T-Torrance! Our captain Torrance! T-T-T-Torrance!
Our captain Torrance!

Yeah, yeah, yeah Cobras, we are the Cobras, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah Cobras, we love the Cobras!


Go, California Cobras! And remember, everyone, I'm the best cheerleading captain ever, right? My name's T-T-T-Torrance! Sha-booyeah, sha sha, shabooyeah, rolecall!
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