Evenin' is now my new word of the year of 2004.Now that I'm out of school,I plan to do some neoseeking this summer.Now then this school year was um...then we did...um...who am I,where am I,and then... well there you go,another year gone.Now I am constructing some certain faqs with tips and other things,

My first ever faq is about Animal Crossing which,in my opinion is THE best game of all time.Animal Crossing works much like the real world.The seasons chanage and theis the real time.Like,right now is May 25 at 8:19P.M.,it would say the exact same thing in Animal Crossing.This guide will take much construction to complete.I have done much reconstruction to bring in this new look I hope that you enjoy it and it should make things much easier to look up.Expect much more modifing in this FAQ.But I will be doing more things to make the guide better such as...proofreading and adding some more paragraph tags.I plan to finsh this by Aug.10 although it might take longer to organize my neohome.


Animal Crossing


1.The beginning(walkthrough)100%done

2.Tom Nook's Jobs(walkthrough)100%done

3.Earning some quick bells(tips)100%done(expect more updates in the future)

4.Fish Catching(tips/walkthrough)100%done

5.Bug Hunting(tips/walkthrough)100%done

6.The House Expansions(walkthrough)100done

7.Tom Nook's shops(walkthrough)100%done

8.The Happy Room Academy(walkthrough/tips)100%done

9.Special Visitors(including all 217 villagers)(tips)0%done

10.Feng Shui(tips)0%done

11.Mining the Earth(tips)0%done




15.Themes(catalog)0% done

16.Furniture Sets(catalog)0%done

17 Matching Wallpaper and Carpeting(catalog)0%done

18.Your Annual Planner(Holidays)0% done

19.Stationarey(letters)0% done

20.Music(walkthrough)0% done

21.Hand Held Items(walkthrough)0%done

Mememtos and Models.(tips)0%done

Overall 27% is currently completed for now. More will be coming soon!Important Note!I believe that I have cover every section of the game now I just need to finsh it^^.

1 The beginning.Your journey first begins when you meet Rover on the train.He will ask you if the time is correct,he will then ask you which town you're going to live in,he also wants to know your name.After you get off the station,you will meet up with a racoon called Tom Nook,who will help you buy a house.When you pick your house Tom Nook will say that it is 19,800 bells.You only have 1,000 bells.Tom Nook will give you the house even though you are 18,800 bells short.Now you do some small,simple tasks to knock a few bells off of what you owe to him.

2.Tom Nook's jobs.1.Help Spruce Up the Shop Grounds.Your first task is to plant flowers and saplings around Tom Nook's shop select the item that you want to plant in the main menu and then,press theA button to determine which want that you want to plant.You will earn 80 bells for the job.

2.Meet and Greet the Villagers.The next job Tom wants you to do is greet the villagers and when you have also have greeted the mayor,return to Tom Nook's shop to do your next task.

3.Deliver some furniture.A special piece of furniture has arrived for one of the villagers,and it's up to you to deliver it.When you deliver it,the animal will give you his or her old piece of furniture.When you return to Tom Nook's shop,he will give you 230 bells to knock off the amount that you owe.

4.Send Mail to a Villiager.Tom Nook wants you to send mail to a villager notifying the villager about a special sale.Whatever you write is up to you.When you're done,take the letter to the Post Office to send it to the villager.When you return to Tom Nook's shop,he will give you 130 bells for the job.

5.Lend a Hand.Tom Nook isn't exactly ready to prepare the next package,so he tells you to help the villagers.Ask the villagers if they need any help,then run errands for villagers.You will always get something from any villager that you help out.When you are done,return to Tom Nook's shop to do your next errand.

6.Deliver a Rug.Tom Nook is ready for you to deliver a rug to a villager.In return,the villager will give you his or her old rug.Tom Nook will knock 580 bells off your sum.

7.Deliver an axe to an villager.Deliver an axe to the villager that you sent the letter to.The villager will show you the letterand say that they love getting letters.When you get back to Tom Nook's shop he will knock 230 bells of your sum.

8.Write on the bulletin board.Tom Nook will tell you to write a catchy slogan on the village board.Talk to Tom Nook when you're done.You are finally done.Now you may have fun,but don't forget that you have a loan to pay off.

3.Quick Ways and Ways to Earn Bells.I don't know if I will ever get through with this section,because there are so many ways to earn bells.I have found about 50 ways,but there may even be more ways though.The first and most obvious way is to sell seashells from the beach.These are the prices that Tom Nook will buy them for.Wentletrap 20 bells,porcelettla,30 or 40 bells,Lions Paw 40 Bells,Sand Dollar,60 bells,Venus Comb 150 bells,Coral 250 bells,Conch 350 bells,and White Scallop 450 bells.This is one of the quickest ways to scrape together a small fortune in your new life.

Another way to get some quick bells is to shake a tree with fruit in it,take it to Tom Nook.He will buy your native type of fruit for 100 bells each.Here are some great ways to be swimming with bells.Buy a Fishing Rod,A Net,and and a shovel.Each cost only 500 bells.Once you catch a bug or fish,sell it to Tom Nook.Some of the speices are worth a whooping 15,000 bells!

You dig up shining spots out the ground.You may get 1,10,or even a huge 30,000 bell bag.Rockyjackpots.Hit a rock with your shovel.If it turns red,then keep hitting it.You can get up to 13,300 Bells a day by doing this!You can play the Stalk market.See Special Vistors for mor details.Helping out villagers is a great way to earn bells.Selling things that you no longer need is also a great way to earn bells.This is really long term wealth.If you nab some foriegn fruit bury the fruit in the ground.When it is full grown,plant some more.Every 15 pieces of fruit will give you a whopping 7,500 Bells.

Sometimes,rare furniture will be worth up to 6,400 Bells at Tome Nook's shop.There are 5 Bees in your town each day.If you shake out a beehive ,do whatever you can to capture them.It isn't that hard,but each of them is worth 4,500 bells at Tom Nook's shop.I found this cool way to get around 50,000 bells an hour.Fireflies give you 250 bells each and are so common,that you should have 15 in about 3 minutes.Each 15 Fireflies will give you a hefty profit of 3,750 bells.These only come out in June though.For those who like to sell any thing you get your hands on,and like to stay on top of things.Just sell anything that you get your hands on.I can't imagine doing that,though.In September usually the only fish in the river are Salmon.They fetch 650 bells each at Nook's.Every 15=9,750 bells!Now u r rolling in dough.Giant Stags are common and are on trees until Aug.31Each one is worth...10,000 bells!They are common for something that fetches so much.They appear from 11pm-8am.NOTE:I've felt that I have given all my tips and sercets to become rich quick.I will not update this section until I find other suitable ways to get rich quick.

4.Fishing is probably the most profitable way to get bells in the game.Here are where all of the fish are,when they are out,and what price that Tom Nook will buy them for.

Crucian Carp, 120 bells,River and Pond,All Year and All Day.

Dace,200 bells.River and Pond All year and 4pm to 9pm.

Loach,300 Bells,River and Pond,March-May,all day.

Brook Trout,150 Bells,Pond,All Year and All Day.

Catfish,200 bells,River and pond,May-October 4pm-9am.

Bluegill,River and pond,All Year From 9am-4pm.Carp River and Pond,All Year and All Day.

Giant Catfish,3,000 Bells,June-Aug.4pm-9am.

Small Bass,200Bells.River and pond.All Year and All Day.

Koi,2,000 Bells.River and Pond.All Day and All Year.

Pale Chub,200 Bells,River and Pond All Year 9am-4pm

Bass,300 Bells,River and Pond,All Year and All Day.

Barbell Steed,200 Bells, River and Pond All Year and All Day.

Bitterling,1,300 Bells Dec.-Feb,River and Pond,All Day.

Large Bass,3,000 Bells,River and pond,All Year and All Day.

Giant Snakehead,6,500 Bells,Pond,June-Aug.9am-4pm.

Salmon 650 Bells,River Mouth,River,Pond,and Ocean.Sept.All Day.

Frog,250 Bells,Holding Pond,May-Aug.All Day.

Eel,2,000 Bells River and Pond June -Sept.4pm-9am.

Goldfish,1,300 Bells,River and Pond,All Year and All Day.

Killifish,Holding Pond and River Apr.-Aug.All Day.

Freshwater Goby,300 Bells,River,Pond,All Year,All Day.

Popeyed Goldfish,1,300 Bells,All Year and 9am-4pm.

Jellyfish,100Bells,Ocean,2nd half of Aug

Pond Smelt,300Bells,Dec-Feb,all day,Pond and River.

Guppy,1,300 Bells,River and Pond,Mar-Nov,9am-4pm.

Sea Bass,120 Bells,Ocean,All Year and All Day.

Sweetfish,1,300 Bells,RIver and Pond,June-Sept,All Day.

Angelfish,3,000 Bells,River and Pond,May-Oct 4pm-9am.

Red Snapper,3,000Bells,Ocean,All Year and All Day.

Cherry Salmon,1,300 Bells,River and Pond,Mar-June,Sept-Nov,4am-9am and 4pm-9pm.

Piranha,6,500 Bells,River and Pond,June-Sept.

Barred Kinfejaw,5,000 Bells,Mar-Nov,All Day.

Rainbow Trout,650 Bells,River and Pond,Mar-June,Sept-Nov,4am-9am and 4pm-9pm.

Arowana,10,000 Bells,River and Pond,July-Sept,4pm-9am.

Arapaima,10,000 Bells,River and Pond,July-Sept.4pm-9am.

Large Char,10,000 Bells,Wterfall,Mar-June,Sept-Nov,4am-9am,and 4pm-9pm.

Coelacanth,Ocean(when raining),15,000 Bells,4pm-9am.It can rain from Feburaby 25th to Nov 12th.

Stringfish,15,000 Bells,River and Pond,Dec-Feb 4pm-9am.

Crawfish,250 Bells,Holding Pond,Apr-Sept.All Day.Yay that's all forty of them.^^Took me long enough:P.

5.Bug Hunting.This section is where the bugs are.Though you usually won't get as much as you do for fish,they are more common than fish are.

Common Butterfly,80 bells,Anywhere,Mar.-Oct.,8am-5pm.

Robust Cicada,300 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug.8am-5pm.

Darner Dragonfly,200 Bells.anywhere June-Aug.8am-5pm.

Yellow Butterfly,80 Bells,Anywhere,Mar-Oct,8am-5pm.

Walker Cicada,400 Bells,On Trees,July-Sept,8am-5pm.

Banded Dragonfly,4,500 Bells,Anywhere,July-Aug.8am-5pm

Tiger Butterfly,200 Bells,Anywhere,Apr-Sept8am-5pm.

Evening Cicada,850 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,4am-8am and 4pm-7pm.

Cricket,130 Bells,In Grass,Sept-Nov,5pm-8am.

Purple Butterfly,2,000 Bells,Anywhere,June-Aug.,8am-5pm

Red Dragonfly,80 Bells,Anywhere,Sept-Oct,8am-7pm.

Grasshopper,130 Bells,In Grass,Aug.-Sept,8am-5pm.

Brown Cicada,200 Bells,On Trees,8am-5pm.

Common Dragonfly,130 Bells,Anywhere,May-July,8am-5pm

Pine Cricket,130 Bells,In Grass,Sept-Oct 5pm-8am.

Bell Cricket,430 Bells,In Grass,Sept-Oct,5pm-8am.

Drone Beetle,80 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,All Day.

Ant,80 Bells attracted to decayed turnips or candy,All Year and All Day

Ladybug,130 Bells,On Flowers,Mar-July,Oct,8am-5pm.

Longhorn Beetle,200 Bells,On Trees,June-Aug,8am-5pm.

Pillbug,250 Bells,Under Rocks,All Year and All Day.

Spotted Ladybug,200 Bells,On Flowers,Mar-July,Oct,8am-5pm.

Jewel Beetle,3,000 Bells,On Tres,,July-Aug,8am-4pm.

Mosquito,130 Bells,Anywhere,8am-11pm.

Mantis,430 Bells,On Flowers,Aug-Oct,8am-5pm.

Dynastid Beetle,1,350 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,7pm-8am.

Mole Cricket,200 Bells,Underground,Nov-May,All Day.

Long Locust,200 Bells, In Grass,Aug-Nov,8am-5pm.

Flat Stag Beetle,2,000 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,7pm-8am.

Spider,300 Bells,In Trees,Apr-Sept,All Day.

Migatory Locust,1,350 Bells,In GrassSept-Nov.8pm-7pm.

Saw Stag Beetle,2,000 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,8am-7pm.

Snail,250 Bells,On Flowers(when Raining),Apr-Nov,All Day

Cockroach,5 Bells,Anywhere,Mar-Nov,All Day.

Mountain Beetle,2,000 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,8am-7pm.

Bagworm,250 Bells,On Trees,Oct-Mar,All Day.

Bee,4,500 Bells,In Trees,All Year and All Day.

Giant Beetle,10,000 Bells,On Trees,July-Aug,11pm-8am.

Firefly,250Bells,Near WaterJune,7pm-4am.

Pond Skater,130 Bells,In Main or Holding Ponds,June-Sept,8am-7pm.

There's all the insects.Happy Hunting!

6.The house loans.So...yeah my er...new section on the house loans.I will also tell you the exact loan for your brand new house.

So here it goes.Your first house.Loan 19,800 Bells.Description:Your first house in your life will fit you perfectly.You will want to pay off your first loan fast if you want to design your house.

Your First Expansion.Well,you payed off your first loan.Now Tom will expand your house.Talk to him and you will dicuss these plans.You will also get to choose the color of your roof.Now you have enough room to move things around and colledct series or themes.Oh...The Loan is 148,000 Bells.Start fishin':P.

You have two options for your next two expansions.You will eventually get both of them.The first option is to expand your first floor even more.Now there's plenty of room.The loan...is a whopping 398,000 BELLS!Oh and also you get to choose the color of your roof.The other option and one that I highly recommend that you do first is add a basement.You add a huge floor to your home.Although you don't get the color of roof for your choice,it still is worth it.It's only cost 49,800 Bells to add your basement.

The Second Floor.Your final expansion you can get your color of the roof that you want.Although it's not as big as the first floor or basement.It's a nice size.The price tag is...be ready to faint...798,000 Bells!!!

Once you pay off your loans, the Post Office starts a postal savings account for you.You actually can get rewards for them,but you need A LOT of bells to get all four of them.

Tissue=must have at least 1,000,000 Bells

Piggy Bank=10,000,000 Bells in Bak account.You can put bells in the Piggy Bank but you can never get them back

Mailbox=you must have at least 100,000,000 in your account

Post Model=999,999,999 Bells in your bank account.That's a lot.Oh I'm done with this section.For tips on how to make some Bells,look at section 3.

7.Tom Nook's Shops.Tom's shop will expand as you buy or sell items to Nook.Here are all four stores and how to get them.

Nook's Cranny.Your shop at start of the game.Tom's first and VERY SMALL shop is here when you start your new life.Support him by buying from and selling items to him.His shop is open from 9am-10pm.

Once you give or sell 25,000 Bells from Nook.He will remodel and expand his shop.This takes a day but when he open the selection will be a bit larger.Nook`N`Go is open from 7am-11pm.

Once Tom's transactios reach 65,000 Bells,He will remodel it now is Nookway.It has a decent selection of...stuff.His hours are from 9am-10pm.

The king of all of Nook's shops is here.Once Tom's transactions reach 150,000 Bells,AND a person from another village visit Nookway.He will open Nookingtons!So there you go.Tom's shops!

8.The HRA.

Shortly after you complete your jobs of Tom Nook in the beginning of the game .He will ask for your home to be judged by the Happy Room Academy(HRA).It's a group that evaluates the interior design of your home.If you chanage your interior design of your home,you will recieve a scoring letter from the HRA the next day.There are two prize levels but you will need an incredible amount of points to nab them.

House Model.You need to score at least 70,000 Points to get it.

You need at least 100,000 points to get the Mamor Model.

Yes,that's a lot but Ihave some nice tips that will help you out...that is if you follow them.

1)Rare Stuff Scores High.If you get a item at Nook's shop it will score fairly low,but if you get an item that is hard to get.It will score high.

2)Complete a theme or series.Themes are fun furniture and series are pratical furniture.Also if you have a bed,table,wardrobe,and dresser/brueau.You will get a nice bonus,you can also mix series and get a smaller bonus.Also use the first floor when presenting a theme or series,never the first floor or basement.

3)Don't Mix Themes or Series on the First Floor.If you do,the HRA will subtract 4,000 points for each offensive object.

4)Finish a furniture set.A furniture set has two to four pieces with similar look.The number of items is muiltplied by 3,000.Use the second floor when presenting it to the HRA.

5)Properly Place Functional furniture.For each one that is improply implaced,you not only lose 800 points for each item,but you can't even use it.

6)Don't be Messy!You lose one point for each item scattered around the house.Don't leave clothing and Paper on the floor.Use dressers and Tabletops.

7)Points for HRA(The Offical Scoring System)

Completed Furniture Series...48,000 Points

Wallpaper and Carpet from Same Series...10,000 Points

Complete Necessities of Life(From Same Series)...16,000 Points.

Complete Ncessities of life(from Different Series)...4,400 Points.

Theme Furniture... number of pieces times 7,000+15,000 Points

Completed Furniture Set...number of pieces times 3,000 points.

Credit to the Nintendo's Players Guide for this section.