About me!?? Erm im a Kentish girl located in the South East of England. Not your "typical" average girl and one that can be pretty awesome to know!
If u wanna know more?! Just ask me!! Add me on PSN or msg me here! Cause IDK what else to write!!x


Hii! X Im a total Gadget Girl! Luvin' all thing high tech!

... A PS3 - Sony girl till the end! Luvin' a variety of game types and titles such as Uncharted, Max Payne, GTA etc!!!
... Also Movie buff - always seeing the latest blockbuster and luvin' comic book (TDK), animation and comedy (Borat etc) x
... I enjoy online gaming; having a laugh and getting competitive with friends!

... Add Me on PSN - Sophiiee89 (but no 12YO kids pleasseee :/ lol)



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