I lived far in in the mountain tops as sonic the hedgehoge while somtimes i go to the jewel cave to get mony.then i go down to the river near y wooden house.then i catch fish and eat them for food.then i go down to the desert area to see my friend knuckles garding the master emerald day and night.next i go back home and what t.v. then do 100 laps around the mountais and back.next i go home have a drink and see my neighbour tails miles prower.then regularly shadow rouge and eggman come to destroy my home.next knuckles and tail come to help.tails goes in his tornado to fight eggman and knuckles and rouge go head to head.next me and shadow fight around the mountains and run at the sametime.next knukles androuge kick and punch eachother until there hurt and tired.next a tails and eggman shoot eachother with missles until there machines blow up.at the smetime me and shadow hve a run and attack at the smetime until were tired then shadow chaos controls rouge and eggman back to there base somewhere.after all that me knuckles and tails grab food and watch football.then in the night we get some drinks and cook up a barbique.when its 12.00 o clock we go back home and go to sleep and when the next day comes we just go and stop the darkside called eggman shadow and rouge the bat in a fight in the city.i also have a jome near rocky mountains were creatures called chaos live.they respect me and adore me.i even got a chao that looks like me but my pals knuckles and tails have there own chaos that look like them aswell.now anew day starts with new beginigs of new adventures.this is me and my pals this me sonicx iam the leader and this is my dance of victory. this is my right hand man the champion http://img.neoseeker.com/m/38634_photo.gif he helps me when i need it. this is my friend dragon master acclaim and he is my slave/friend. heres my cousin called darklugi this is my friend da wa.he is better than dma but he is the same as sonicx and THE CHAMPION heres my twin my brother his anoying but more lazier than me hes name is wario. Heres my gameboy advance
heres our jogging routine heres our walk heres our jump
heres my slave playing golf heres my pet playing golf
heres my friend Hyper Tails1 heres my pet helping his friend
heres the MASTER OF THE UNIVERE cool banner