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Oct 4, 11 10:23am

Okay, so yesterday I went off to the nintendo connection tour in Chatswood, NSW, Australia. For those who don't know what it is, it is basically demos for the games coming out later this year, there was the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword,, Super Mario Land 3D, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus Uprising. I had the chance to play all of these games except Kid Icarus as there was only one 3DS for it. So here I will post what I thought about the games on display.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:
I must admit, this was one of the main reasons I went there and it did not disappoint. There were 3 levels to choose from, there was the bird flying at the beginning, the first dungeon, and the boss battle against Ghirahim. I chose the boss fight as I thought it would be the best way to try out the controls. The wii motion plus really does make this game feel all the more real, while the sword movement wasn't 1:1 it was good enough that you got a really good idea of where the sword is, looking back I would think that the attacks are not fully customisable in other words the attacks are still set in stone, there are diagonal attacks, vertical and horizontal as well as a stab, that means there are 9 attacks in this game not including the spin attack which feels easy to use and the overhead jump attack (where you have to lock-on jump then swing) and the vertical spin attack which also is very good and of course the sword beam attack, you hold the wii mote up and after a while bring it down to unleash a sword beam, this can be done at any angle.
The controls, the B button is used to activate and item that you have equipped, the control pad controls the camera along with Z and down can summon Fi when she pops up, A is used for seething the sword and rolling, - is used to pull out the non-items items, like shields and potions, + is used for the map, 1 and 2 didn't serve much of a purpose, Z was lock on, and I can't remember what C did if anything. You can no longer just hold a button for your shield as you have to shake the nunchuck to use it but it does cover a large area of the body.

Now items, when facing Ghirahim you can't actually use items unfortunately, but I did see the bombs, beetle, slingshot, and the bow used in the dungeon demo. The bombs have 3 different uses, they can either be thrown by holding the wii mote above your head, sat down by holding it near your waist and rolled by holding it near the your legs, also with rolling you can add spin to it by tilting the wii mote. The beetle flies with a average speed and is controlled by the wii mote, it can break webs and with an upgrade you find i the dungeon collect items and give them to Link. I didn't actually see the slingshot in use unfortunately, and the bow and arrows act the same as in wii sports resort, hold C down move the wii mote back and after a while let go to release the arrow.

Now to the actual playing part against Ghirahim, the battle starts off with you attacking him with your sword, his fast movements make it almost impossible to attack him normally. If you attack him from above or use a vertical swing he will grab your sword and you have to pull away from him to get it back. So, to beat him you must have your sword at one side then change over to the overside and attack and the follow up with a combo, after a while he will summon his sword to fight. Now he gains two attacks, one where he sends five dark matter pointy things (great terminology don't you think?) in different ways to attack you, you can either shield them or attack them with your sword at the right moment, i chose to shield and his other attack is a running side swipe that knocks you down. To beat him all you have to do is attack him when he is running past you, sounds simple but most likely you will get hit, I lost once against him, thankfully the demo comes a fairy as well. After attacking him enough he will then leave you with a heart container.

Hope this answered some questions you have about Skyward Sword, if not leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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Sep 21, 11 4:04pm
How do you tell someone, that seems to be my problem.
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Jul 19, 11 6:40pm

As i mentioned in my last blog, I don't like people who tlk lik dis, I find it relatively stupid that these mongrels should be allowed to use the internet much less the keyboard. Now people that have a different first language other than english I am fine with, it's not their native language and they are or were learning it the worst that they can do is most likely miss out a few words in a sentence but normally are able to correct themselves if it doesn't make sense. The imbeciles of the internet though who can't speak english even though it's their first language should learn. With my several points that I have made:

1331 speak (elite speak/text speak all the same): I can't stand this, I mean really? Are you just going to type out a shortened word that the word is only 5 letters into a 4 letter word that doesn't make sense? No, its stupid, let me get an example, I have FB open right now and i will find all the shortened words on it. kgo,
Okay that was it, I am actually presently surprised about that normally it is much worse. The only chat speak I use is lol and only when I am talking to one person in particular, gtg this is one thing that I understand, it takes a bit too long to got to go, and jks simply because I don't think it gives off the same effect of just kidding.

Smileys: Now, these I have mixed opinions about, while I don't use them myself except for -_- I don't mind the use of them, of course until it becomes a little excessive and then i just want to turn it off and get rid of them.

Thank you for listening to my rant, please have a good day and don't bump your head on the way out.

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Jul 12, 11 11:02am

I know nobody will read this but anyway, I'm just going to write down and record some things that i feel is important to me, over the internet.
I think it has been 2 and 3/4 years now that i am at neoseeker i was here in like 2003 but i never decided to make an account and i never really knew that the forums were here so i just used this place as a somewhere to find cheats and other stuff.
My posting history: Its a bit off really, normally during school or whatever i go online but i hardly post at all which isn't that great, off all the times I've been here i have only done 427 proper posts (this is the reason why my posts are now maroon colored). I normally lurk in the shadows and don't post unless I feel like I should or if I am really bored.
Neo-dreams: I just wanna be a mod i guess, i mean its sure to get me a higher post count although i know that isn't everything, especially since I have seen some people with about 2000 posts+ who still talk lik dis. Call me a grammar nazi i don't care, i just like proper edict and it just makes it easier to read as well which is a bonus. I think I should also try and make some more friends here, I'm almost unknown to the rest of the community outside pokemon, I have contemplated posting in the thinkers lounge since I go there regularly but I feel that I might just be ignored or pushed away from the discussion because of my avvie or post count or something.
I think that there is a coolness level on Neo, at the top you have the mods and top posters of forums and at the bottom you have guests and people that just post one then leave. I feel that I'm sort of near the bottom middle, the place where some people might know you but most don't.
I Have seen many people pop up during my time at neo and completely sky rocket within their first few months or year. Hmszelda is one of these people, with just starting at the beginning of this year she already has over 1700 posts which I find amazing really.
So there you go, here is my entire neo-life story, I'll try and keep posting to this blog, simply because I can and when i become a mod or something else really important people can come back here and see where it all started. Thank you and good night.

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May 3, 11 4:39pm
Dec 23, 10 4:11pm
i have a new ds yay
Jul 24, 10 6:58pm
I've lost my ds yay
Jan 14, 10 10:42pm
ready for HG and SS gonna catch them all
Dec 26, 09 4:33pm
elite 4 on plat and mario wii waahooo
Dec 8, 09 2:34am
pokemon platinum stupid team galactic and their hacked pokemon
Oct 12, 09 6:44pm
the world ends with you or when my ds screen breaks


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