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  • "this game is kinda hard, but once you start shooting everywhere sometimes you cant see what your doin which really bothers me. 8.2/10 SuperStardustHD"
    deathreaper82 Mar 29, 11 5:37pm
  • "Just what you imagine a 2dDshooting game would become if it was changed to 3D! The most hand-eye co-ordination intensive game I have... SuperStardustHD"
    ReaperOscuro Jan 19, 09 10:32pm
  • "Conditions need to be updated to allow DLC. SuperStardustHD"
    gamenut6659 Dec 2, 08 10:02pm
  • "Addictive SuperStardustHD"
    Mnmfan Aug 21, 07 4:05pm
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