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Apr 7, 09 2:44am
Collector's edition PrinceOfPersia
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  • "Not to challenging, but very fun! PrinceOfPersia"
    Evasion Apr 21, 10 9:18pm
  • "Breathtakingly beautiful. One of this generations finest. It's a shame it's not getting a sequel. PrinceOfPersia"
    Livewire_19 Mar 11, 10 9:15am
  • "9/10 Brilliant Game Annoyed By The Ending PrinceOfPersia"
    Scott22 Jan 29, 10 2:12pm
  • "First impressions: great UI menus, great music, great voice acting, tongue in cheek dialog, superb scenery, very nice art style. Thumbs UP! PrinceOfPersia"
    Redemption Aug 30, 09 6:28am
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