As said above...i got nothing since i just started to play AS.

I am level 18 and i need to kill that t-rex for the adapt challenge "ice spookie" and the "desert spookie&

I really need someone to help. Quote me or pm if you are willing to help.4227-1549-7492 || DBCARTERA ( oras)

shiny 6iv machop shiny 6iv Honedge shiny 6iv Froakie shiny 6iv poliwag shiny 6iv Squirtle Shiny 6iv Torchic shiny 6iv R

I don't care for the stats at all i just the need him HA. if you have one pm me can i trade a shiny gyarados or a s

Well I need for my shiny Swablu's nature to be change to Modest. and change the 5ivs to 6ivs. I have some 6ivs pokes

I have 2 codes Post why you want it and its yours

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