dont really have much to trade but would like a mew if possible have some gen 6 shinys i can trade for it dont care if its

My fc is below its the same as my pokemon one please add me and dropme your fc so i can get into the game more as i just got

So i just got the game today and well im no good at naming things so anyone have a suggestion to name my town? obviously some this video made me laugh

Looking for 5-6 iv pokemon doesnt need to be shiny just want to build up a competitive team i have numerous shinies to offe

I have these in the pic below.. the ivs suck so dont ask.. Top line and up 2 Oddis

saved a video but where do i go to view it??

If i try to MM an event Smeargle in a cherish ball will the egg hatch into a cherish ball or a regular pokeball??

not looking for anything so if you want some of your pokes made shiny let me know i can do 10 at a time.. i could also cl

Im looking for these Archipelago Vivillon Ocean Vivillon Sandstorm Vivillon doesnt need to be shiny

Honestly im new to battle so what pokemon+moves are good to pretty much wipe the floor with random passerby battles not real

Not sure of the ivs and i wont check either because well.. im lazy looking for other kalos born shinies doesnt have to be g

Not really looking for anything apart from maybe a charizard y stone absolite stone and possibly houndoominite Mew lvl 10

Looking for someone to clone a couple pokemon for me pm me if interested or tag me

Looking for Fennekin Chespin or Froakie im checking the ivs now

Whats the best move to use in friend safari that wont fcause the pokemon to faint? A shiny eevee fainted on me lol

Not sure on IVs looking for Shiny Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin and female Espurr These are all Kalos born Trevenant lvl 25,

Have a female Meowstic looking for a male version Meowstic Ivs arent important as the female one has maybe 1iv - 5ivs but i

Looking for Dedenne Espurr and Kalos starters only!

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