Upperstrength smitrovic
Mar 10, 13 2:30pm
This was an excellent seller, they were patient, kind and went out of their way to help me. I am very satisfied with their service and will do business with them again. I give them a grade of A+
architectmark smitrovic
Mar 6, 13 5:28pm
bought 2 cards. transaction was done in minutes. thanks!
Metalbush smitrovic
Mar 4, 13 1:40pm
Great guy, transactions fast and easy! Also very helpful!
wcfabroa smitrovic
Feb 14, 13 6:57am
Bought a card of this player and his response was very quick and sent the info immediately. Well trusted seller, thanks!
rawrxxo smitrovic
Feb 12, 13 1:06am
My favorite seller. The best and the nicest.