Big_Burta sloprano
Jan 06, 07 7:23am
Thanks for signing my GB! I don't read Sonic comics, either, but I still like the characters. And thanks for the Robotnik stamp! Here's mine:

Amy sloprano
Aug 30, 06 11:33pm
Dunno if I've actually signed yours before. Either way, I've known you for a long time so you should get a signing off of me XD.

I love Gaara <3.
GTA3helper2002 sloprano
Jun 04, 06 10:54pm
What's up man and thanks for signing my guest book. The Black Dahlia Murder are completly awesome and I saw them at Ozzfest 2006. Some other great Death-Core bands I recommend (although Black Dahlia aren't fully):

All Shall Perish
As Blood Runs Black
Suicide Silence
The Taste Of Blood
Through The Eyes Of The Dead

See ya in the fourms.
FortePenance sloprano
Apr 22, 06 3:35pm
I don't like Gwar. Gwar are much too strange. I listened to three of their songs. Saddam a-Go-Go, Slaughterama and some other song. I hated pretty much all of them.

HARHAR! Check my profile for all the bands I listen to. The majority of them are metal. And yeah Lamb of God are good. Black Label's my favourite.

(Sorry no stamp )
GregtheGreat sloprano
Apr 17, 06 1:33am
Yeah, us 2 pretty much run the Blink 182 thread lol. There's exciting times ahead I think with Plus 44 and AVA, should be good. And who knows, they may get back together one day!

Awesome pic by the way!

See ya around,
Sayyed sloprano
Feb 20, 06 3:03am
thanks for sighning my gb so i guess i have to sighn yours:)

K1 Kool Fresh sloprano
Feb 17, 06 1:34pm

Blue Star sloprano
Feb 02, 06 12:08pm
Hello fellow Asia forum member ^-^
Omg bunnies will take my drink order?


NB1 sloprano
Jan 30, 06 4:07am
Thanks for signing my guestbook, I of course seen you post around the Music Forum so see you there

Have a nice day

Jim_Vengence sloprano
Jan 24, 06 3:46am
Hey hey, how goes it?

Glad to finally meet a canuck ADEMA lover, I thought I was the only one out there .

I like Luke more and he does have a better voice, but your right - Chavez was awesome as well. Depends on what you like though, I suppose.

Anyways, Peace out dude - feel free to drop a PM off anytime.
2D sloprano
Nov 11, 05 4:42am
Your right! Alot of people don't know what to say about a band that good!... Well i do coz i know alot about them but... that's not the point!

Want to be friends? PM me!
silver_tidus sloprano
Nov 08, 05 10:19pm
That B.Spears banner you signed for me is ugly =3 Euch =P

Wasabi Mui sloprano
Oct 21, 05 1:12am
Thanks for taggin my G-Bookie. And im here to return the favour...took a while eh...but hey:P

Intoxication sloprano
Sep 26, 05 11:25am
Hey thanks for signing my Guestbook, and sorry for the late replying. So here is the stamped.

I guess I talk to you in the forum.

Deis sloprano
Sep 18, 05 1:38pm

no sweat, sweets, i like giving advice.

See you around!

Matt v1 sloprano
Sep 17, 05 9:27pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook, it is much appreciated! also I want the ST demons and wizards cd too, it has a pretty cool cover-

cool eh? cya around
Angyles Cerddoriaeth sloprano
Sep 03, 04 8:55am
what a pleasant surprise that was to look at my gb and see your sign. theought i'd return the favor

LanDi Sama sloprano
Sep 03, 04 12:13am
Cheers for the guestbook stamp It's always nice seeing you around the Shenmue forums, let's keep hoping for that Shenmue III!

And as you don't like Chai I will spare you from my usual stamp and use my Vash the Stampede one instead

SquareEnix gamer sloprano
Aug 31, 04 9:07pm
hey how you doing well you signed my guest book so i'll sign yours PM me if u need help in DOAX or any other game that you think i might have
Elite sloprano
Jun 22, 04 2:54am
Way! No Way! Way! No Way!

How did I manage not to sign your G-Book?!111 Well... I am signing it now!

[size=1]Beep.. beep... beep! "You have... 1... New fax!"


ctrl sloprano
Jun 21, 04 5:41am

Just thought I'd swing through.
Sgt Tooth sloprano
Mar 19, 04 10:10am
hello sloprano

did you get your name form sopranos?? I think thats the reason, but I'm not sure

I don't have a stamp...

but if I did, you'd be stamped right now

stampy stampy

maybe I can get a signback

G old Berg sloprano
Nov 13, 03 2:49am
Thanks for playing my game!

BUT I WON! lol

Thanks though and I hope you will play again. Or I'll spear you! (JUST SOMETHING I DID WITH DIB) Anyway cheers mate. And keep posting in the Simpsons Forum.

From your pal , Goldberg129
G old Berg sloprano
Nov 01, 03 7:49am
Good too see a new face in the Simpsons forum. Hope you stay unlike some newbies. You have a good taste in characters as well. Anyways im signing yours and it would be an honour if you signed mine... I mean an honour for you.

See ya mate

Ugochukwu sloprano
Oct 11, 03 3:24am
Will speak to you later dude. see ya

It was Hugo and bro .. doing all the signings. will see you around. ha, I knew i had to write something long, this stuff about minimum of 125 words is quite annoying.