elder rose skythelegend
Jul 25, 09 2:19pm
wow UNITED KINGDOM! yorkshire,hmm, is that where those dogs called yorkies come from? anyway, thought i'd type on in and say hi!
btw my name is elder rose, i wanted to use my game name but that was already taken.
is what you say true? can you really get a house in the main quest?
toonycj2 skythelegend
Jul 4, 08 4:42am
Please post in the DoR forum again :'( We all miss you! (All 5 of us(Me, Deathsythe, Swift Starly, Jondog, DBZmaster))Please, Come back! At an actual count we get about 2 PPD!
Vicious skythelegend
Mar 5, 08 1:29pm
Yeah, it's official, you're way cool. In fact, since you stole my humor from me, you're probably even cooler than me. I'd stamp you, but, I don't have one that represents me...yet.

Smeckledorf and his Unstoppable Super Ninjas say, "WE'LL SEE YOU ON THE FORUMS!!"

Later dude!
Silent_Nightmare skythelegend
Feb 4, 08 1:24pm
Hey man. Thought id come along and add you as a friend so im goona sign your guest book as well, i dont see why not. Lets see some maps yuv made on Adavnce wars 2. Itd be nice to see one made by a real fan lol.
Jondog skythelegend
Sep 28, 07 2:45pm
Heh... Just signin' your guestbook as a friend

couldn't find any cool pics... So I sketched this, thought you'd like meteor strike... done it enough times on me hehe