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Well I'm in the process of redesigning my neo home in the hopes of
bringing some fresh new content to the world and possibly showing off
some of the web design stuff I do. Hopefully I can find a good hoster...
I'm thinking of a free hoster to host the sites and I'm also thinking maybe some
PHP might be in order. Until then here's a joke.
<p>man1: (singing to
self) <br />
man2: what you singing? <br />
man1: don't know really, I just heard it and i cant get it out of my
mind <br />
man2: what's it about?<br />
man1: oh the usual, sex drugs and killing other people<br />
man2: that's usual? <br />
man1: nowadays <br />
man2: man, I need to stop listening to rap and get up with the new music
<br />
man1: that is the new music, what type of rap are you listening to? <br />
man2: Garth Brooks, its pretty racy stuff</p>