Barely finished it coz I think I was Tomb Raidered to death by this point. TombRaiderChronicles PC
To hard for me. Waaaay too hard. Finished it but never gonna play it again. TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
Second outing, second best. Still play it in 2010. TombRaider2DaggerOfXian PSX
Grappling hooks. Pretty sceneray. And a Lara who goes soft on you. No, thanks. TombRaiderAnniversary PS2
Goin downhill here. They tried hard + some of it succeeded but something was missing, dunno what though. TombRaiderAnniversary PS2
The original + still the best for me. Timeless. TombRaider PSX
Played this to death, disc 2 has a crack in it from overuse. The best of the SO series IMHO. StarOceanTheSecondStory PSX
So many games, not enough time...............
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