I LIKE COOKIES! :) Um, I like to sing? I really hate it when people critcise me, whether they're right or not. I write my own songs. That's pretty much it...
Games I own:
Wii Sports (Wii)
Wii Music (Wii)
Wii Play (Wii)
Harvest Moon ToT (Wii)
Fifa 08 (Wii)
High School Musical- Sing It (Wii)
(I have more for Wii, but don't really play the others very much)
Harvest Moon DS (DS)
Imagine Babyz (DS)
Sims 2 (DS)
Diddy Kong Racing (DS)
Enchanted (DS)
Big Brain Acadamy (DS)
Mario Kart (DS)
Nintendogs (DS)
Robots (GB)
Dogz (GB)
Lizzie McGuire On the Go (GB)
Mario Kart Super Circuit (GB)
Madagascar (GB)
Winx (GB)
Finding Memo (GB)
Crash Bandicoot Riptar's Rampage (GB)
Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed (GB)
Shrek 2 (GB)
Kim Possible (GB)
Kim Possible 2 (GB)
Barbie Secret Agent (GB)
Disney Princesses (GB)
Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban (GB)
Narnia The lion, witch and the wardrobe (GB)
Double Deluxe Sims 2 (PC)
Monopoly (PC)
And in 117 days or less SIMS 3!!! YAY! :)
Yes I'm spoiled, I know! :)


I love music, and I mean LOVE. I sing, play piano and French Horn. I also swim and play soccer. I really like the Harvest Moon Series and the Wii games such as Wii Music etc. I like to write fiction! I read a lot and take French Immersion (Late). Um, I won 2nd place at a provincial CPF French Public Speaking Contest... That's it! Oh yeah and my big obsession is the Sims, so I was really (and I mean REALLY) annoyed when I found out they moved the release date 112 days back for Sims 3... I almost cried! THE END!!


Step away from the cookie and no one gets hurt...XD
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