Something I want a share

love: lovely. It is life’s energy. I think there is nothing more lovely than getting a smile from a stranger. It always makes my day

Sex: Sex is a good thing and everyone should have sex

Happiness: in life, it is easy to depend on outside factors to make you feel happy but in theory, you have to be happy inside

Sadness: it is necessary evil. Everybody feels sad and sucks. It is like the Yin and Yang. If you don’t have darkness, you will not understand the light

Women: They are amazing. Men are always underestimating women. Emotionally and physically, they can be very strong and fight any war.

Envy: There is no point being envious and it is a waste of emotion. Unfortunately, it gets better of us a lot of the time. I hate it when I feel envious and it makes me feel weak.

Money: I love it and it means a lot to me. I am not materialistic. I respect money and welcome it

Thanks for wasting your time to read all this thing, I’m a nice person ( I guest ) so if you want a share anything, feel free to PM me.

updated : 28 March 2006


Music, swimming, writing, & chocolate! Being happy, helping people, comedy, laughing, sincerity & honesty, meeting people, talking, & traveling.

Dislikes :
Smell of Shit, Rudeness, bad manners and untidiness, obnoxious people, People with lack of discipline, narrow-minded, Also cruelty to animals, cruelty towards homeless people, & cruelty to children (it breaks my heart). This world in general is a disgusting place!

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