Trying to find a toilet on the urbz.
Last seen Picking Dog Crap Out The Garden 2 minutes ago
bad graphics, bad controls, really confusing. SporeCreatures DS
A great game for when i was 9 and wanted a dog. Dogz GBC
A great game for when i was 9 and wanted a dog. GBA version was better. Dogz2 PC
Bad controls and a bad version of sims. TheSims2Castaway DS
bad graphics and slightly confusing, very rushed. MarioPartyDS DS
VERY repetitive, you have to adore the minigames or you get bored. TamagotchiConnectionCornerShop2 DS
A great game for girls, can be addictive if you consentrate. HarvestMoonDSCute DS
Compettitive multiplayer fun. can get boring at times. Balloon battle is its best feature. MarioKartDS DS
hard controls and a boring game. SuperMario64DS DS
My first nintendogs, and can be really addictive. NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
A great pokemon game, amazing pokemon graphics and loads to do. PokemonDiamond DS
A really annoying long game, and your hand aches for days after playing. PokemonRanger DS
Double of diamond with the same features. PokemonPearl DS

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