Fantastic, it what's what I expected it to be. A blast and a very addictive game. TeamFortress2 PC
Does Simo win? Yes, yes he does.
C&C 4 makes this game of the series look epic when you compare the two. Really the last true C&C game ever made. CommandandConquer3TiberiumWars PC
Starcraft is an RTS revolution? Clearly this is in't the case when you put it up against a pioneer of the genre and made the genre what... CommandandConquer PSX
Underrated, a fantastic game atleast in my opinion. StarFoxAssault GC
Basicly a more techy version of that one Zelda game, but better. A classic and will live on for all time. StarFoxAdventures GC
Best MMO period. Even after S.O.E. screwed it with their updates. StarWarsGalaxies PC
People say Final Fantasy is among one of the best RPGs ever? Not many people have looked towards Earth Bound have they? I'm not a fan of... EarthBound SNES
An FPS/Third Person Shooter of the ages, a game that rivals many modern day FPSes. Highly underrated. Probably my favorite C&C. CommandandConquerRenegade PC
A very underrated RTS, pretty much what defined C&C. This would more then likely score second place in my C&C list. CommandandConquerTiberianSun PC
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