I live in London, was born in the UK and lived in Arabia for about 8 years

Ive vistied the UAE, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

I got umm...lemme see a kid bro..Jake..and a lil sis..Nicole..

Right now...ive just finished schooling and just chillin before my Medicine Course...heh..Dr. James Ryder.

Im a fun loving dude...never gets serious...never gets pissed off...thats bout me

Your free to PM me anytime..and talk bout anything u want..

Signin Off


In short, my life has been, is, and will always be - BASKETBALL. Im a huge fan of the Miami Heat and The Phoenix Suns. Wanted the Suns to win this year but then Avery Johnson with the Mavs screwed it all up.

I play Shooting Guard on my Basketball team. Its something that I really cherish doing.

Next comes Soccer. Liverpool all the way. They got the best manager, Gerrard, Carragher, Alonso an awesome setup, just made to win.

Midfields my game, I'm the playmaker on the team.

Im a total Heavy Metal cum Rock fan:

Blink 182
Bon Jovi
Green Day
Judas Priest
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park

I love portrait drawing and yup...i luv anime too...can draw them out of the air anytime. M a pretty good artist.Got it from my grandad who use to draw for a living.

I play the piano, with a bit of guitar here and there. Acoustic and the Base.

WWE....Wrestling...Ultimate entertainment...unbeatable...

Hardware...Computers...Muah....another one of my pastimes...fiddling with gadgets....taking 'em apart...and just...fooling round


||Wrestling|Lounging|NeoPM Me|
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