I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?


Hi there Alan! =] Long time no see. [=
I'm sorry I don't go on Neo or MSN.
But you know what? :]


Sign back when you can !
Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Alan: You always amaze me.

hey silver tidus. just want to let you know you are COOL!!!^^ and i hope you have a great valentines day.
Just dropping by to stamp your GB and thanks ya for the awesome Slave banner as it doesnt look as though she is going to sign it. She hasnt done anything I've asked her except for sporting the banner and custom tittle..*sigh*

Crappy slave. I seem to always pick them every year..

Anywho...Thanks for cool banner mate.

I'll catch you another time, another forum..
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Since you alredy posted in my DP and your the best and my favorito designer i thaught i would stamp you with my neu stamp. Hope yo like it.

Thought I'd finally get off my lazy ass and sign some people's guestbooks.

Thanks for signing my guestbook, and with such a pretty stamp too!

Have some Gackt -

Heh heh. Nicked these from Shuyu.

Gackt says "Hi!"

Mmmmm he's so full of sex. RAWR!

Well I'll be off now. Tata!

thanks for the banner i love it ! please sign my guestbook to !
It's official. I have not seen a better stamp on my life than yours. Seriously.

I hear you live by me. Freaking sweet! For this, I will stamp you. I don't usually stamp people because I'm a lazy son of a bee-otch, but since you live near me I'll stamp...you.

Wow, that stamp is pretty impressive! I like all the new effects you've been doing lately. Eee, I just can't get over how awesome that stamp is. Especially the picture of Haku!

Anyway, thanks for being my friend. Even when last year I was being an idiot and pretty much tried to block out everyone I know. u__u

Whelp, I'd better stamp you with the stamp you made me before I begin to ramble. See you around!

Thanks for the signing, I've been meaning to sign yours for some time.
I love your graphics, I would do naughty things with them.

He's cool, right ? :L
Ello =] I'm randomly signing peoples g-book xD and I stopped by to yours =]

My current obsession xD

Now You've been stamped ;]

Be nice and stamp back =]

could never be as good as you but xP i admit it xDDD

Bye bye ^^

Den-den =]
Uhh didnt you like sign my GB already , oh well, might as well sign back
You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Since you've posted at least once in the new MGS4 forum. You deserve a stamp.
Ive seen your graphic work its amazing ..I love your banners...

very cool... well thought Id post here and tell you that .oh and also I live in Canada also if you ever wanna chat my msn is purpledragoon666@hotmail.com
What's up, ST?
I haven't sign your guestbook in awhile, so I thought I'd drop by and do just that.
I would also like to thank you again for the graphic requests you've done for me. I appreciate your work a lot! ^^

See ya around,

Hi silver_tidus. I thought I'd stamp you to thank you for all the banner requests you've done for me in the past. Your banners are very well done, and I hope I can come to you in the future for the rest of my graphic requests.

Thanks, again.
have this for being such a good GFX maker and a cool person

sign back
Thanks for the awsome banner and avater, and if there's anything i can do to help you, just ask.

The picture in your neohome is awesome! I love that outline effect ^-^

Cya around, want more art comments from you ^_~
Best Wishes
hey how you going? here's a stamp for fun

Stamps are fun!