Dan Mumford sic
Mar 27, 05 1:56pm
Welcome back
Happy Easter

As we all know, with easter, the Oompa Loompa's have to work overtime to produce the chocolate that you will be eating, The only way to get them to work harder is to beat them with barbed wire whips and belts, this makes them work almost 10 times faster than usual!
So don't forget when your eating that chocolate, the Oompa Loompa's helped make that chocolate, they put all there blood, sweat and semen into it aswell!

For a limited time only, You too, can be a part of the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army"
To sign up, send a cheque of the amount of JUST £15.99 payable to Dan Mumford send to...

Dan Mumford
Oompa Loompa Heights(no pun intended)
Willy Wonka's Factory

Alternatively, send a pm to Dan Mumford With your name and Oompa'rank and your call will be returned shorty and you shall be added to the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army" page
jespomo sic
Mar 26, 05 7:11pm
Hey there sic

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
flame_boi13 sic
Nov 19, 04 8:52pm
since u gonna be off soon like me lets open a thread about old members like u n me the old times was alot more fun den now with all the new faces i've nvr seen here .........being registered in neoseeker like 3 months once it opened u gotta respect dis guy dudes ........ hope to cya posts soon .......
AKA eagle sic
Apr 30, 04 10:53pm
hey. for such a helpfull member i havent seen u aroud. o well good for me.

hows the weather in qld. im such in adelaide. but at least we dont get as many hurracans as you

Eagle Eye sic
Jan 15, 04 6:21pm
HB sic!
How's you're Big BDay?
I think you are new to neoseeker so i'll see you in the forums ltr!
Eagle Eye

P.S See you ltr!
Gravity sic
Nov 9, 02 9:30am
To one of the greatest Neoseekers I ever got to know well. You helped out a lot with contributions and in the forums. I wish you the best and hope to see you around more again. Come visit the GXF whenever you can.
Amourette sic
Oct 1, 02 8:03pm
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

The Living Angelus sic
Aug 24, 02 4:09am
Haha, just noticed you signed my guestbook..which was last month (July 25th, sorry for the late reply)

You know what the difference is between the TV and Movie Forums??
TV sucks...Movie Rulz:D j/k, lol

Everyone...sic is one of the coolest members on Neo. Respect him or be treated to harsh flaming and immature name calling:P

Angel/Buffy Fan #1
MasterCheat sic
Jun 25, 02 1:28pm
Hey man, thnx for makin that banner for me, that was cool of ya. Even though you're in australia and im....not. Thanks again i owe ya one. And you're a great help to forums that aren't able to have mods, but need cleenin,
Jeevan sic
Jun 5, 02 2:09pm
sic, regardless of his name might hint to, is a great member who helps and contributes a lot to the community. Yep, he is crazy.

PS. An excellent job on the [Contributions] - well done!
shadow96 sic
Jun 2, 02 7:20am
I know u might think im stupid for asking u this but what is a moderator?!? I also just wanted to sign ur guestbook again. I love the game THPS3 do u?? And if u could just tell me what u moderated and maybe i will go to ur forums ok well i will see u later uh later
shadow96 sic
Jun 1, 02 6:49pm
Hey i was just looking around when my eye got caught on ur pic. That clown looks so sweet so what forums did u make i would probably like to see one and if u dont mind could u sign my guestbook thanks well i gotta jet pm me if u wanna talk
Cerebral Assassin sic
May 31, 02 1:14am
Hey I thought I would sign your guestbook. A couple questions 1. How do you know so much information about games and 2. How do you get all of this stuff you contributed, I know its not that hard but you are a major contributor to this site and I was just wondering. Well now I have to get away from your scary avatar that freaks me out, I guess I will see you around sometime.
Johnny G sic
May 23, 02 9:38pm
Sic... what can I say? You were the first real person I met on neoseeker, and a trusted companion from the start.

*sigh* I remember seeing your post count of 900 and thinking "Wow, this guy must really be into it." I never could have guessed that six weeks later I would have passed you.

Neoseeke is a lot of things to a lot of people... but our vision of it may not be as dissimilar as it might seem.

Keep up the good work, and best wishes to you and your family.
Tunny sic
May 22, 02 5:50am
well that is one freaky clown you've got and it really is scary cos they scare the livin day lights out of me and that one sure did.
Just thought i'd let you know well
Headface sic
May 21, 02 4:38pm
I am just signing the ol' guestbook because I saw your sig. Here is a cut and paste.

Michael Dude sic
May 21, 02 4:41am
sic you are very cool you are a very good mod and you try very hard!
you rule sic and good luck on modding:cool:
i hope you sign my guestbook
Azrael Blade sic
May 19, 02 3:53am
Hey, thought I'd stop by a sign the top (for now) contributor to Neoseeker's guestbook seen as you signed mine.

You're a crazy contributor and it's kinda hard to catch up with you but maybe someday

Keep up the hard work with the modding as well.

See ya around
Link_2000 sic
May 17, 02 3:40am
You are definatly one of the people that I see lots of in Neoseeker, although you probably havn't even heard of my user name. Anyway, I notice that you're always agreed with the whole time and you seem a very responsable person so I'll sign this just to show my respect. Good work.
Good Pogo The Monkey sic
May 16, 02 3:33am
you rock man

MikePavy sic
May 15, 02 6:03pm
Hey Sic, I never really got to know you much earlier but you seem like a great guy and you do an excellent job at moderating and even go behind your duties to help out other forums.

Keep up great work, and thanks for giving me a chance to change!
Avalon Gram sic
May 13, 02 6:05pm
I got a little bored so I'm going to stamp you, hope you like it (this is a cut and paste, feel special if you like)


(Well I thought I would add a little quality into all of this quantity of my stamps... take care)
Master Mind sic
May 13, 02 6:03pm
Well, back in the day, when I first became mod to General GCN, I could remember only a select few that wouldn't flame me. I think you were on that list. Yep, yep, you definitely were. You were one of the only ones that was nuetral when it came to those gosh darned((I think you know what I wanted to write)) flame wars. ANY WHO, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS.

*Takes out a large branding iron and brands sic on the head*


Icey Squirrel Master sic
May 13, 02 5:45pm
I feel like being generous so I will sign your guestbook. I notice you all over Neo, and it seems as if you are the number one contributer. Keep it up, man. You are a great member here. Now you can do me a favor and sign mine! Hehe. Oh well, hopefully we'll get to talk sometime.

Slacker sic
May 12, 02 6:44am
I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the help that you have given me in the Halo Forum. You are an excellent role-model for what a Moderator should be, and you are a good mate. Thank you.

Keep up the good work in the Xbox Action Section, and the best of luck to you on all of your future endeavors, whatever they may be...

Cheers Mate,