Hey sic i read your message thanks for signing my guestbook your the first one kool.....
nice to see your in the forums everyday now and posting more then before....
Hey! How it's going? I'm just fine! I hope you and me become good freinds. Also thanks for signing my guestbook. Your were the person to sign it. If you can't tell I'm a very sweet person. Never gets mad at anything. I'm to nice to be a meanie. This is Amy Rose signing out.
Luv ya! Bye!

P.S. See you in the forums!
I gotta say sic mate, you've sure impressed me as of late, you're posts make a lot of sense and you seem never to get into arguments of any sort. A great asset to the neo community and as random pointed out you should make a good modeartor also. I put my trust in you to do that anyway. Anyway Sic I hope to talk to you on some sort of messenging device one day, but until then I'll continue to see you around neo, particularly Lounge, keep up the good work dude.
sic is an excellent edition to the Neoseeker community. He always helps people out and never gets into arguments. BTW it was my honor to support you, even though you clearly didn't need it.
Ya know, I was signing Simball's guestbook when I saw your name. "I haven't signed sic's guestbook!". Silly me.

Your one of the best members in Neoseeker, and I've always had a great deal of respect for you. Your gonna be an excellent mod over time, I just know it. Your mediation back in the GTA3 forum was always greatly appreciated, and you always manage to make great input wherever you go.

i would just like to take the time to tell you that you are an incredibly smart gamer. i wouldn't be surprised if you were better than me. you are one of the only people i really can trust around here and i thought i would sign your guestbook
Hey its been a long time i have heard from you, kool to see your back to the xbox family....
Hope you stay long this time, you know where ill be everyday if you want to post something ill read....
Hey man just thought I'd sign your guestbook. (I know it's about time, sorry ) Anyway congrtas on becoming mod of Action XBOX, (check it out if you already haven't) and thanks for liking the Toyota GT1 when everyone else hated it LoL. Anyway sic is a great guy and has helped ALOT of peeps out. Cya round!
You said in my guestbook to return the favor, so here I am. You seem to be a very cool person. Keep up the good work on Neo! Joshua
I just found the guestbook! so i am now sighing yours! you are the only one who has sighned mine, thanks! stay sweet and keep in touch!
Your guestbook has just been signed by me!

hey sic! hows Bundaberg Queensland going? I'm actually sick of queensland myself, I lived there for a little while last year and it got way too humid for me.

Anywayz, bye bye!
Well, I just thought I would drop by and sign your Guestbook. Thanks for your support at the GTA3 forum. Latez playa, EL Rey aka gs4_us
Hey sic I thought I would sign your guestbook.Im also wishing you luck with becoming the moderater of the General PS2,I don't think you have much compitition.