FUN game I definitly reccomend! SuperSmashBros N64
Another FUN game. Highly reccomended SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
Good game. I like Brawl better because of online capabilities. Stil lan awesome game . SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
Good game. Althoug can get frustrating sometimes. FinalFantasyCrystalChroniclesTheCrystalBearers Wii
This game is both fun and challenging FinalFantasyXIII PS3
All I can say is HIGHFIVE!!! This is a GREAT funny movie. Especially if you like inapropriate jokes. BoratCulturalLearningsOfAmericaForMakeBenefitGloriousNationOfKazakhstan
Not as funny as the first one but it's still hilarious. PinkPanther2
Really funny movie. Great for watching with the family ThePinkPanther
..... I'll still have nightmares.... ArmyOfDarkness
Another great scary move from the makers of Evil Dead EvilDead2DeadByDawn
This movie is freakishly scary EvilDead
Really awesome game. The only flaw is the voice acting kinda sucks. Gameplay style is like a card game. BatenKaitos GC
Good game. although the games in the fighter genre tend to be easy to beat. SoulCalibur2 GC
Similar to pokemon Gold except now you have more multiplayrer capibilities. PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
Awesome game! The sinnoh region pokemon are quite intersting. PokemonDiamond DS
Good game. Similar to Diamond and Pearl except of new characters and the Dimensional world. PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
Ah... the remake of the classic one of the BEST Pokemon games in my opinion. PokemonFireRed GBA
Similar to pokemon Silver except now you have multiplayer capabilities. PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
Hmm... This game kinda sucks because of the whole "rental" pokemon gimmics. Only good if you have Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. PokemonBattleRevolution Wii
A good Fire Emblem game. The graphics are kinda average though, but the I find the story mode to be quite intruiging. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
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