Neohome Version 1.0
This is Shorty2cool, Now, this really is my 1st neohome, and I dont
really no that much to put in it so its going to be a bit ordinary.


Austin Cooper

AC Is probably one of the best Neo-Friends that I got, I think I met him
When i first asked the guy for a Banner in the Pokemon Sapphire Forum.
Yeh, Thats right I PMed Him and then after that we just kept talking, and
after a while he asked to be Neo-Friends and yeah.

Golden Sun02

Golden Sun02 is a really nice guy. I have to say Golden Sun is probably
the best guy to go to if you are kinda thinking of a new banner, avatar or
a stamp. The Graphics he makes are very high quality which makes them
really good, He's also a really good Mod.


Megacool999 first PMed me saying that he was the new guy or something,
and after that we just kept talking about things we had in common and that.
Megacool999 is truly as he says "Megacool."


I first Pmed Twii_Light crediting him about what a great job he had done
with his animating and making his site. He has done really well and from
the work I have seen of his I can tell he will be one of those really great
animating guys. He's really funny too.

If I have forgotten you PM me.

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