m4Master shorty2cool
Jul 22, 09 9:23am
which Pokemon are mirage island sensitive and don't tell me that are found in wild because i spent 40 hr try to fin mirage island
mewtwomaniac shorty2cool
Apr 6, 06 6:35pm
I'm mewtwomaniac, and I'm the guy who answered your ev question in the pokemon ruby forum. So, if you read this before checking your thread, just telling you that the ev questions have been answered.
Akiva shorty2cool
Dec 16, 05 12:09am
Be happy because thine guestbook has been signeth! Sign back!

Dark Elite shorty2cool
Nov 7, 04 6:48pm
Hey I noticed you around the Australaisian froum so I'm signing, sign back.

Twii_Light shorty2cool
Apr 29, 04 1:06am
Um, have I signed your guestbook before? hm, very well.

Just signing to say, ur really really cool, and thanks for cheering me on! anyway er, keep up with the um... Cheese and stay cool.

You are rad!
NeoStarGazer shorty2cool
Jan 27, 04 11:41am
i saw your post and so i'm sign your gb.i sign yours you sign mine and this next thing is for the 125 thing lalalalalalalalalallaallalaallalla bye
darkrex25 shorty2cool
Jan 23, 04 1:42pm
hey whats up? I have seen ya around, just signing your gues book and all that. Keep it real shorty2cool.
Austin Cooper shorty2cool
Jan 11, 04 5:00am
I thought I sign your G-Book.
hope to chat with ya soon, when ever I can get on MSN messenger we can chat some more, enyways....

see ya.

Austin Cooper shorty2cool
Dec 9, 03 5:18am
I just thought I'd sign your G-book again. cuz I wanted to show you my new Stamp:D

see ya {thye}

Austin Cooper shorty2cool
Dec 9, 03 4:58am
I just thought I'de Sign your G-Book.

I know you don't like Minis that much. but they rock:cool:

see ya

JCB shorty2cool
Dec 4, 03 5:05pm
You signed mine so I guess I'm signing yours. I like your stamp! I should have done this before but I guess I don't read my guest book enough and I forgot to sign your's when I was board earlyer. I guess I need a stamp. See Ya in Ruby. And thanks for being a friend.
Golden sun02 shorty2cool
Nov 24, 03 2:25am
Finaly got to sign:


Kjgmusic shorty2cool
Nov 16, 03 2:29pm
Hey, you seem like a nice person- You have been signed by..

( i think my split personalities got best of my keyboard.. )


Megacool999 shorty2cool
Nov 8, 03 5:03pm
Returning the falvour here is my stamp:
Austin Cooper shorty2cool
Nov 5, 03 12:23pm
hey Shorty2cool:cool: I just thought I'd sign your Gbook;) and I drew a Picture of two mini Coopers here it is;)

Like it?

Eclispe_02 shorty2cool
Oct 20, 03 7:58pm
i'm new guy..
and I like signing other peoples guest book.
also help me on things that I don't know about forum.
sign bac plz.
signed by Eclispe_02
Jax06 shorty2cool
Oct 11, 03 1:38pm

Ultimate Gogeta shorty2cool
Oct 8, 03 12:40am
Hi, I thought I'd just come by to sign your g'book, its good to see someone also from Australia.

Well here's my stamp: