Amazing movie! I recommend this movie to ANYONE! A must-see! :D FinalFantasy7AdventChildren
I love this movie, it's my favorite Naruto movie. NarutoTheMovieNinjaClashInTheLandOfSnow
What can I say except that this series is amazing? FruitsBasketVol1AGreatTransformation
This is a great movie, even though it's REALLY short. ^_^ DragonBallZDeadZone
This is an Ok game, not the best there is. ZatchBellMamodoBattles GC
A great sequel to "Mamodo Battles". Very good. ZatchBellMamodoFury GC
A good game based on the hit Anime. I wish they'd release more games in America. :( YuYuHakushoDarkTournament PS2
A good fighting game series, certainly not the best there is. NarutoClashOfNinja GC
I've had this game for almost a year and have only played it once lol. NarutoUzumakiChronicles PS2
Love this game. The Budokai Tenkaichi series is one of my favorite fighting game series. DragonBallZBudokaiTenkaichi PS2
My top favorite game for the Nintendo DS. So well done. TheWorldEndsWithYou DS
Excellent sequel to Kingdom Hearts! KingdomHearts2 PS2
Okay, this is my second favorite videogame series EVER!(First being Final Fantasy). KingdomHearts PS2
Got this game for Christmas It's MUCH better than the GBA version. Still have a ways to go before I finish this game. 0_0 KingdomHeartsReChainOfMemories PS2
Love this game series. So fun, and keeps you playing for hours! :D TonyHawksUnderground PS2
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