Stampy Stamp

You've got Stamped by Kinny!

Mehehehe ... =/
JUST SIGNING geust book and you happend to be one of them.

I see your a Sakura FAN too not many around anymore -_-

I found an other person who likes CCS YAY!

I hope people don't forget about CCS it was awsome it IS awsome!

Sign my geust book too, Thank


Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 30 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!

Help us!!! Martians are attacking!!! *TV Announcement* “Remember folks, the only way to control the Martians is to give Redalert501 an abyssal whip or other disturbing weapon once every 24 hours! That is all.”

See you around the RuneScape forum noob. Remember to sign back, OR MARTIANS WILL ATTACK!!! MUAHAHA!!! (Visiting my website wouldn’t hurt either) Btw what is your avatar about?

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You've been bitten!

A while ago i said that i copied your name for a unknown reason. Well the reason is so
i can make stamps for you. lol

Now that i have tasted you, i hope to see you around the forums a lot more.

Got bored... so ill sign your book!
Cya later
Hiya!! Guess i'm the first person to sign your guestbook anyway... bye!...