WereJackal: The first person to really acknowledge me here in Neoseeker. He invited me to a chat room where I talked with him a few times until nearly 5 am my time though it was barely night for the Aussie. Taught me much about Digimon World Dawn/Dusk and was the person that got me hooked on The World Ends With You, which eventually led to the purchase of several of the game's songs.

HiKaRi: The second person I met from Neo though it was in the chat room Jackal led me to. A good person with a level head. Hates getting challenges that aren't worth his time regardless of the game. Also taught me a fair deal about DWDD and was my first loss as a matter of fact.

Rizegrey232/Azureghidorah: Probably one of the best people I've met here. Of all the people I've battled he's given me the most enjoyable battles of all. He eventually led me to an RP site called Earth's Last Line where I now frequent. Though he has now retired his DWDD game I still await his team that has mirrored mine to a degree. A nice person with good intent all around he may be quiet but look out when you get to know him, there's a totally different side to him than most see.

Marooned Chic: The first friend I made from the TWEWY boards. We've been talking for a while now and I consider her one of the nicest people I've ever seen on the net. Kind and compassionate she consoled me in a dire time and that's where it all started. The timezone difference can be a pain but I enjoy the time I do get to talk with her no matter what.

Of all the people I've met here at Neo these are the ones I will likely never forget should I leave or should they do likewise. There are many other notable people that I would like to get to know better before adding here most specifically some of the bunch on the TWEWY board.

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