anyone up for a trade on pokemon?
Oh how i love when people on this site ignore you...
does anyone of you lovely people wanna trade pokemon games. ive got black and looking for pearl, platinum or diamant
finneshed my hairdressing caurse and passed :D
Got a pet Kitten. I name her Seth <3
someboy's gunna die tonight
want a new tattoo ..any ideas? :)
Woooo i got pokemon black !!
pizza for dinner ^_^
Like If you love strawberry milk!!
Changing that strawberry milk to a coffee seeming as i just had one on Animal Crossing cityfolk. haha made me feel like one :D
strawberry milk-shake time lol
Just had alot of fun on animal crossing city folk with abbie :)
Todays Australia Day! Aussiee Aussiee Oii oii oi
Im willing to trade 6 Ds games for Pokemon black, pear, platinum etc ill take except heart gold and soul silver ⊙_⊙
Pretty Bloated Ayee :P
Ds games for sale, dirt cheap! check out my forum-Nintendo Ds Games for Sale
Kerser is the Sickest!
woo! hair dressing apprenticeship here i come!

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