nemesis496 shadow96
Jul 14, 02 11:17pm
hello cool name . gotta get 125 characters!
KoRnNeRd shadow96
Jun 16, 02 1:54pm
Don't be stupid and don't *bleep* with the Children Of The KoRn!
I LUV U MAN !!! No, not really... I just think you're a swell guy.
Mewtew41 shadow96
Jun 11, 02 3:17am
Hi I signed your because I love your avatar. It cracked me up as soon as I saw it. How'd ya get it? Anyway, you'll see me at the SSBM forum most of the time.
AJ shadow96
Jun 4, 02 1:21am
Hey there, you're a new guy to Neoseeker then huh? Please enjoy all the priviliges that you'll get from being a Neoseeker member, there's many to offer.

Well, you signed my g-book so I thought I'd do the same for you. Good luck on Neo.

sic shadow96
Jun 2, 02 11:50am
Just returning the favour by signing your book mate, well I can't say much about you as I don't know you. But you seem like an ok member so you are ok in my book, well drop me a line some time. Later
Volrath16 shadow96
May 21, 02 9:16am
Well, you signed my guestbook, so ill sign yours. You didnt sign my yearbook, though, as you indicated. lol. well that should be enough characters. Peace.