My DS is from a PAL region and I am only able redeem codes that are set to this said region. So I'm willing to offer a n

I recently managed to acquire a US Gengar code from a trade, however my game is PAL and the code I have is from US only. Ther

Only adding safaris that contain Wartotle. My Friend list is almost filled up so I can't add much more. My Safari: Mane

I am really close to completing my dex, if anyone could help with these pokemon, I'd appreciate it. Glameow Yamask Tir

I'm looking to borrow some Kalos Legendaries for Dex completion purposes: Zygarde Yvetal Mewtwo I will trade it b

Only looking for ghost safari types. My Safari is Electric with Electrode, Electabuzz and Manectric.

As the title says, I'm looking for someone who is willing to exchange a Mewtwonite Y for my Mewtwonite X. It would be gr

Hello, if anyone would like to exchange a charizardite Y megastone for my X it would be greatly appreciated. My FC: 4828

Hello, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me check what pokemon are in my safari and the type. Thanks :) FC: 4828

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