I just caught a shiny sharpedo on route 118 ORAS. She's got mediocre IVs but has adamant nature. 21 attack 29 spe are her

I have a Jolly Rough Skin Garchomp Lvl 100, 31/31/31/29/30/31 for trade. His nickname is BILLY BOY. Looking for other BR poke

I just caught a shiny wingull while ev training for speed that I don't have any use for. Willing to trade it for somethin

I have some 6 IV pokes, HA pokes, EM pokes, Ask, and I may have

Have a perfect modest victini. Need a Jolly one for my new team plans.

I've got a lvl 9 gible. Jolly nature, but non-competitive IV for trade. Not 100% sure I'm willing to give him up, but

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