I'll update my gallery with the newest graphics soon guys!
Why did he have to tell me to Google it? *Deletes History* Story of my life. -__-
back in black!... or a slightly darker shade of white :3
PM me for a graphics request ;)

Have you ever noticed how much life sucks? How the grass always looks greener on the other side of the barbed-wire fence you just can't jump? And when you manage to dig your way to the other side with your bare hands through the moist, bug-infested earth, a burden, so heavy, jumps on your shoulders, and your face presses to the soft green grass you worked so hard to reach, but you wish it wasn't there. That you could just fall. Fall away from expectations. Expectations of you. Expectations that always follow...

PM me with your Graphics Requests. Credit for Line Ups Go to Evan, Shadow Mew to Kobold, and Userbar to Crusty Jack
pm me for a graphics request ;)
my favorite? cynadaquil of course!
favorites? cyndaquils and shiny charizards for the win!
Dominating Soul Silver by Storm
I will eat you...

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