Will trade wishmaker Jirachi, TRU Regigigas, Alamos Darkrai, Pokemon Movie Arceus, (Touched) TRU shaymin, and (Touched) VGC S

Looking for Plasma Deoxys and Genesect. Winter 2013 Keldeo Movie14 Victini and Spring 2013 Meloetta. FT: Pokemon movie

I want a game for the DS in which you can customize a character and armor and weapons change when you equip them. I want it to be either a shooter or a slasher game. I want to see the enemy and just able to go up and attack. No turns no moving from square to square just hack and slash. Possibly has Wi-Fi as well if possible. Does anyone know of a game or does it even exist. Please PM me your ideas and suggestions of this game. Thanks in advance, Seanflynn

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Do I really have to say more??? A level 100 Darkrai for a level 100 Caterpie?? WHY would you want a level 100 Caterpie? Or even worse I'll trade a Shaymin for uhhhhh a Shaymin..... Well GTS the only really "GOOD" thing you can do is clone and trade hacked Pokemon. =P


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