My nickname may sound a bit strange, but - as I assure you - as I made it, I didn't know it's meaning.
See, I'm from Germany, and additionally, I'm religious; this and a few other thinks lead to the fact that I got (all in all) four names, so my complete name is "Christian Tim Mathis Beer". The beginning letters of this name linked, form the shortcut CTMB. So, speaking this fluidly, C becomes Sea, T becomes D, and MB form amp. Taking this all together, one gets the name "Seadamp". I swear you, I didn't know what it meant!


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seadamp wrote a user review "Morrowind - cool game"

Review: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Morrowind - cool game

Nov 4, 2002

I just like the freedom it offers, the immensive world of a game like that. And I love its ability to expand by mods. Its slow graphic is not stopping me from playing it for a very long time. A product absolutely worth its price in my opinion.

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