My Neo-Friends


- Bri89 is the Smackdown GM in the WWE Game and always listens to people who have problems he also is a good graphics maker.

The Legend Killer

- TLK is a great roleplayer in TNE he and me both have the same favorite wrestler Chris Jericho.


-Another guy I use to hate, but he had the balls to apologize. Anyone who does that goes on my respect list. Flave, all you needed to do was apologize, but you can't do that. Well, welcome back to my Neo-Friends list hard.

Pistons Maniac/Mankind Socko/All his other names

- Pistons Maniac! That's pretty much his theme now. He's a pretty good friend and he's the only neo-friend I let view my webcam. He's a great roleplayer, currently the GM of RAW in WWE Game.


- He's been away for awhile, I have no idea where he is. We talk sometimes and he says lol too much!

Blue Streak

- Blue Streak is one of those guys I have to agree with! I mean his points and opinions are almost the exact same as mine! You know, ROH Rules! TNA Rules! Christian Rules! Kevin Nash sucks! Goldberg sucks!

Mario Man

- MM is the one who gave me Cartoon Fighting! He's funny and known for making the face in my custom title all the time, although I can't make it cause it's not on my computer...bah!


- KBF was my second Neo-Friend outside Neoseeker. He WAS an awesome banner maker, but thanks to Zxero, he retired. Zxero liked to put him down and announced to the world he used premades. He retired now and I hate Zxero for doing that to him. He is a really nice and friendly. He taught me how to make banners too!


- Menace was my former boss in WWE Game before I quit. He's a cool guy and I usually talk to him on AOL.

Mr Thursday Night/Simply the Best

- I dunno, I use to hate this guy. Everytime I saw him, I wanted him to get the hell out of my site. But I guess things change.

Cash the Stampede/Snaket

- Snaket is a cool guy that loves his porn and loves his forums. Everytime I see him, he has made a new forum! Crazy. But everytime his forums are a hit! I think he's the first guy to get a moderator to join his site.


- mofo is a pretty good guy who I hired as General Manager of RAW for WWE RP. I knew this guy could really help being an authority, and boy was I right! Keep up the good work my man!


- Yay! Finally the mods have decided to unban daimob. He's a good guy and I am currently playing TEW with on Multiplayer mode. Not bad at the game either, pretty good. Good poster and one of my first neofriends.


- Another mofo I talk to a lot on MSN. He offered to get me unbanned from the Wrestling Forum and I really appreciated that.


- I just recently started talking to jespomo a lot on MSN. Recently broke up with BitchIntoYou. Good call, good call.


- Although his name is one of which a fanboy would use, he is not a WWE fanboy. Since we both have DirecTV and have the whole Fox Sports Net package, we watch TNA and IWA together all the time. Also, we watch the AAA on the Mexican channels too.


Sad to see him gone from Neo, he was funny and a good poster. I still talk to him about every day on MSN. Azz was my First Neo-Friend along with bri89. I met them together. I met him when I joined his MSN e-fed, very fun too. We stilld o the fed occasionally but not as much.

feeling froggy

- Alright, we had our share of fights but he isn't a half bad guy. I met him when Azz_Whipe spammed under my name and froggy was going to report us to Assball *cough* I mean Arseball. He use to own TNE until he handed it to me..which I then stepped down but that's besides the point.


- A VETERAN in the TNE RP franchise. He has been there roleplaying about as long as me and has been Goldberg for the longest time ever. Very good Roleplayer. Me and him co-own the Big Brother RP. Although it's not going very well right now, lol. I talk to him occasionally on AIM and MSN.


- This guy is good to me. Every Wednesday he gives me the full TNA results since I can't order it. I appreciate it bigdog. A good poster we see a lot in Interactive Roleplaying, Extreme Warfare Revenge, and Wrestling.


- SilentScream is a pretty good guy who has a very good taste in wrestling. He is a Raven fanatic and a good poster I see pop up almost everywhere.


- Not a half bad guy, talk to him sometimes on MSN. He is a pretty good roleplayer that I brought into the wrestling roleplay world. I'm happy I did cause it had a great outcome. One of the best Raven roleplayers I have ever seen.