Seeing that you're a Villa supporter and a Straight Edge Disciple makes you pretty cool in my book. Thought I'd sign your guestbook just because. Well, see you around

C Falcon

See? Seeeeeee-eeeeeeee? You see. I can sense it.
No. Nobody writes on anybody's guestbook anymore.

Well this is annoying... I just can't post something like that? I have to actually put some constructive thought into my post?
How many other people have signed your guestbook since you made that thread? I assume it's about a dozen.

Hi I'm just going around signing some random and not random guestbooks because I've got nothing better to doXD

have a nice day~
Need Idea for a fantasy story has influenced me. Hi, i thought i would pop in the guestbook for a little while just to have fun
we seem to like the same kinds of stuff, and the only thing diffrent is the country that we're from. I also see you at a lot of the same forums that I go to, and I respect that.
Haven't spoke to you in a while so I thought I'd pop by and sign your guestbook.

So how you doing?

We must talk about music again sometime. lol.

hey, whats up..just signing randomly..
You're cool dude, need to say something...umm...need to fill the 125 minimum characters in this guestbook entry...errr..yes, maybe this is done.


Hey and howz u???
Felt the need to sign, theres been some good stuff around, sepcially in Bully and wanted u to keep on posting! Take care!
hi i just thought i would sign ur book.
u seem like a nice person lol
well i guess i will stop i will talk to you sometime bye


:D:D:D hey there u got stamped

hit me back !!!!!!!!!!

You are my next victim

Sign back or I shall shock and amaze you even more
Hey i just thought id sign your guestbook as ive seen you around quite a bit!!!

and your avatar is wicked by the way MGS rules man one of the best games ever made along with Resi and GTA.

anyway see ya around dude!!!
Hehe, I've never played Tales of the Abyss. I just looove Anise Tatlin; I made myself a banner and avatar of her

I'm hoping to play it... I'm not even sure what game console it's for XD

[[I'm the first one to sign!]]