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very good game, story mode(campaign) not all that. but galactic conquest mode spot on. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
not really into sports games just got it cos it was cheap. FIFASoccer08 DS
good game, the two ps2 sequels are graphically better. this has the best story tho. PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime
good graphics, but very poor gameplay in first person mode as jack. kong sections much better. bit too hard as well. PeterJacksonsKingKong
very basic 007 game, graphics pretty disappointing. JamesBond007NightFire PC
better than the 2008 version, id reccomend this ahead of that. WWESmackDownVsRAW2007 PSP
career mode done away with,shame. whats replaced it is not as good. only thing better about this one is the selection of styles,... WWESmackDownVsRAW2008 X360
im buying this on tuesday 8 quid second hand! i cant wait, 1st was AMAZING!!! GodOfWar2DivineRetribution PS2
jaw droppingly amazing game. GodOfWar PS2
i like these sort of games for pc. in the age of empires vein, tho not as good. TheSettlersHeritageOfKings PC

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