Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you later saxaphone. Sign back if you want...


Finally someone who actually likes Hikago..
Yo, I'm Shannen, and yes, I'm a girl...

<Apparently, ppl cant even tell if Sai is a girl or guy.. Gosh...>

Well, I'm glad you liked the anime/manga.
I show all the manga and the anime.
I liked Sai <and still is one of my fav. characters> and I just thought I'd make an username out of him..

And for the Hikago in US thing, I dont think that'll ever happen cuz it's hard to translate all that..
You know, hard-to-understand Japanses go-vocab into crappy English..
Wait did I say crappy? <and I'm using it.. >

Er, anyway, hoping you hopefully wont erase the stamp, Gotta go~

Cya around.


Cool name.

I'm signing this to reward you for all the effort you put in the Mythical Labyrinth RP. Keep up the good work as you have a great character and writing style! It will be interesting to work alongside Ichi as we fight for survial.

Catch you in the laybrinth!

signin ya guest book is wat im doin. I was bored so Im coin round' signin guestbooks. wat up homey dawg. (Im a gangsta:)) word

Peace out
Sup, what's been happening? I'm just signing all my NeoFriends Guestbook. Keep on posting in all the Yu-Gi-Oh! forums.

Hi Sax your always in the EDS forum so i thought i'd say did a good job moderating the EDS forums.I wonder who the next mod will be*thinks*.Maybe you can come back!! Well see ya

The Pride of a Saiyan will never be Broken
hi hi hi there good job on being a mod....... I hate that letter limt ............... ............ .............. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ... sign my guestbook to please
Hey There!I just Wanted to say hi and so like Hi!Anyways,You must like Yu-Gi-Oh alot eh?JK!I know ya do!I know I do! Anways see ya!
Hey dude, only NOW have I realised that I have a guest book myself. (I AM the dumbest creature on the planet at times). Just signing this so you know I wasn't being rude, I just just hadn't found your message.
It's been an absolute blast RP'ing with you and the others in Mythical Labyrinth. Here's to loads more adventures down the line.

Peace and happiness
Hey it's me Shadow Ninja 131.I like How you keep The forum Clean and I know you spend A Lot of time There to.* Bye For Now*.I hate the 125 chracter Stuff...........Peace out.
signing your guestbook again and everyone i know to say merry christmas and a happy new year. hope you have a great christmas cause i know i do with the 2 weeks off from school.

peace out.
Thank you for keeping this forum the best as possible. I realize you spend a lot of time keeping this site clean and not full of duplicate threads. I know I have a good chance of losing, but why don't you duel me sometime?

Rage Eyes:Minister of Dark Lightning

P.S(Signing my guestbook would be appreciated)
Hey Sax, wasz up. Your doing a great job moderating the EDS forum. It's getting kinda slow at the forum, anyways keep up the great work your doing.
From now on, you're my rival whether you like it or not. I'll beat you one day, but 'til then keep up the good work in EDS and on the duelist field.
Hey there Saxaphone YOU are doing a great job here and all of your cheats actually work thanx for the help. do u have anyhting pertaining to kingdom hearts of ffv or ffVI i dont know im trying to fill up space right now because it is not longer that 125 charters so thats what im doing here filling up space what do u think

Hey whats up? Not much here, I am just busy throwing jelly beans at my neighbors and I thought I would sign your guest book Hahaha See you on the RP forum !

Delphi (Sion_Jade)
Hey Saxaphone. Again, Congrats. on becoming a mod. for the EDS Forum. Someday I will become a mod., I hope. Neway, good luck with ur new responsibilities!
I hear you, Ichi. I have always been able to hear you, as of late. I can tell you are wondering about my bracelet. Let me explain.

In my land, it is a great honor for someone to give you something of theirs. For the Elves only give their possessions away to those that they respect and trust. It represents the bond that those two people have formed, sometimes friendship, sometimes more.

My father gave me that bracelet. The symbol of his house is intertwining vines of ivy, just as the bracelet is. It is a symbol of my heritage. Nothing better to remember me by, right?

I do hope that once Kronos sends us back that we will be able to see each other again, my dear friend.
Hi, Sax!!!

I'm just dropping in to sign the guestbooks of all of the council members. I count everyone in the council as my friends. I am very lucky that you guys allowed me to join. I'd just like to say "THANKS". You're a real sweetheart too.
I wanted to sign you guestbook cuss you have been helping in the eds thrueds and me with some card codes thanks

sup SAX?, I decided to sign your guestbook becuase you have been alot of help in the EDS forum and its been fun talking to you there. I hope you become mod for it. GOOD LUCK

heya man! guess what! it's me! i had to come and sign your guestbook, oh, for no reason in particular. keep on rockin, Ichi!
heheh i never know what to put in these things..erm so whats in the news? i hear it's warm in america..anyway ur great at rp'in ,in the rp forum and other [places ive noticed your unusual talent..

so anyway coodo's on the mythical labyrinth rp!!!

shadower (your neo budday!)
I just thought I would stop by and sign your guest book, if you need any other passwords don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to help.

Signin' your guestbook, but you probably already noticed. Its been good talking to ya, I hope to see ya 'round.

It may look like it, but I'm not following ya