you made it easy to sign your guestbook. great skittlz. your a green sour one. anyway, you've made a lot of posts. have you taken an interest in super smash brothers?
I'm seeing a lot of Zelda fans lately...
Hope you'll sign back!
Peace out...

i saw that you signed my guest book and your in a lot of forums so have a stamp.

100 posts joepie!

have a stempel!


Signed door,
Hi^_^ I saw that you signed my guestbook, so just thought I'd sign back:D And no, I'm not away, that was just for a day, so I'm still here. See ya around

U're welcome, anytime^_^
I like ur stamp btw, it's cool;)
Here, I'll also give u a stamp:)

U can sign up here:
Good luck;)

I'll give u another stamp:D

Hey, I saw that you signed my guestbook, so thought I'd sign yours. You write good riddles too. See ya around

-TH you live in the Netherlands too..? Cause if so, you can have a cool stamp!
If not..well just take the frkn stamp-_-
Here ya go

Hope u like it!


Oh that's easy, u just put the internet adress (also known as the URL) from the image u want to display between this: [img](URL goes here)[/img]
I just dropped by to sign ur GB since u like zelda;)

Please sign back!
I'll see u around