Supreme Wolverine sarpadon
Aug 26, 06 4:30pm
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
brandoni16 sarpadon
Aug 22, 06 6:07am
You seem like a cool guy, so I signed you Guestbook.


Sign back
curious Gourge sarpadon
Aug 05, 06 3:02pm
u signed and said i should remain C.G. i will still get on. But anyways here's me signin back

peace in
Verdugo_X2L sarpadon
Aug 03, 06 7:56pm
I see you in a lot of forums, and I thought that I'd stop by and sign your guestbook....

you've been stamped by verdugo......orly??
ProfessorMaple sarpadon
Aug 02, 06 7:52pm
I like your work so far with the graphics. Keep up the good work.

Signed by:
Amano Murokumo sarpadon
Jul 26, 06 4:59am
Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and thanks for being patient for updates. God knows I don't update enough. I've been busy with work as of late, so that's a reason why I have been sloppy.

Again, thank you!

BTW, sometime, if you want/can, you should jump on "aim" for a while to chat.
Alkaline sarpadon
Jul 24, 06 9:48am
Just signing your guestbooks. You're a really awesome guy around the Metroid forums, and I can't wait to have more intelligent and detailed discussions with you.
luffyluffy sarpadon
Jul 24, 06 2:30am
This is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps I dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
Memory of Eileen sarpadon
Jul 24, 06 12:43am

Thanks for signing my guestbook! Sorry, I don't have stamps to sign...yet. But I promised I will when I have time! Okey dokey! Have a nice summer and peace out!
Akiva sarpadon
Jul 23, 06 11:34pm
Sorry it took so long ot stamp back, to make up fer it, ye get THREE!

supreme kai sarpadon
Jul 23, 06 8:19pm
Thanks for the GB singin', I like to sign back so here:

Cya around..

Supreme Wolverine sarpadon
Jul 23, 06 8:05pm
You signed my guest book so big ups to you. I'd like to you around later I like NBA 2k5 a lot the graphics are tight . I hope NBA live 07 will have some new features. I'll see you around.
Enth sarpadon
Jul 13, 06 7:36pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook a while back Sorry it took a little bit for me to sign back >.>;; But...I'm not as late signing back to you as I am for some people ^^;; so thats okay...

TAKE THIS!! *stamps*

Ecto sarpadon
Jul 07, 06 1:44am
Hey! I just checked out your Digital Portfolio and it kicks major ass! I still dont know how you do those nifty things with the backgrounds like on your header.

Perhaps, some day, I'll put in my own Digi Portfolio.
Pac Man Nemesis sarpadon
Jul 05, 06 8:37pm
Thanks for the guestbook sign. I like your stamp, it's really cool.

I hope I don't get demolished by your powerful stamp. =D
Ecto sarpadon
Jul 04, 06 5:57am
Dude, your stamp kicks ass! Mine is rather plain, but I really like it. ^^

See ya 'round!
The Creator sarpadon
Apr 30, 03 8:54am
Hi Sarpadon, looks like I'm the second to sign and also the second from the Writer's Lounge to sign. Welcome to Neoseeker. Well, I see you like MOH.. so I'll try to see whether I can meet you at that forum. Anyways, good luck in your story.... just can't wait to see it.
Adelaidedk sarpadon
Apr 22, 03 10:40am
Hi Sarpadon,
Well then... seems like I'm the first one to sign!
I hope that you don't mind!
well, I'll be seing you in the writer's Lounge. Have fun!