I was thinking of downloading the new Pokemon game directly onto my 3DS when it comes out. i haven't done this before and

Hi I am looking to get a few more references as a cloner, I use the powersave method Looking to clone 5-6 iv shiny KB poke

looking for pumpkaboo noibat fennekin talonflame spritzee offering Sylveon 5IV Timid 2 Pixilate Female KB Furfrou

have nidoran and jigglypuff but can catch any non legends from kanto and johto so just leave requests want high IV po

looking for just any Kalos shinys don't really care about IVs Particularly interested in.. Furfrou, pumpkaboo, noiba

Looking for just normal versions of the following.. Regirock #378 Regice #379 Registeel #382 Kyogre #386 Deoxys

#378 Regice #379 Registeel #382 Kyogre #386 Deoxys #481 Mespirt #489 Phione #493 Arceus #641 Tornadus #642 Thu

looking for pokemon to complete pokedex will trade right back moltres articuno mew entei suicune raikou lugia Ho-oh

Butterfree UT lv 30 Female (caught by me) 2 IV's Sp. Def, Speed

Hi i am just starting to collect shiny's and looking to trade/ expand my collection wanting other shiny pokemon Please

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