Sorry everybody for the condescending comment I just posted. No excuses for being a jerk.

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Honestly, there are lots of things to disagree with on both sides here. But I'm pointing this one... read more

Xeros the Slayer
Fair point, and yet, I don't like the term "shy away." I know it's not what you... read more

Well I was planning on coming here to make note of how everyone seemed to ingore my most recent... read more

I actually do think that there is sometimes unecessary nudity/gratuituous content with females... read more

In response to that comic:
1. If you have some knowledge of human anatomy/physiology... read more

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Normally I would hope that departures like this would be due to creative differences rather than... read more

Haha okay.
But seriously, Season 2 is great. You may have seen Slade Wilson, but you... read more

Yes, I meant the supposed upcoming live-action movie. It's unlikely that they'd use him in... read more

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Green Arrow's barely more irrelevant than Aquaman. He'd have a movie and not just a...
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In reference to Arrow, it's not like Smallville. He's a 30 year old playing a 30 year old.... read more

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I demand Ellen Page as Ellie for this movie. /end sarcasm
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Hopefully this turns out good. Though even if it does, I can't imagine it measuring up to the... read more

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I think that everyone looks at the first Bioshock through rose-colored glasses. It was a fantastic... read more