After completing the story mode and getting a fair amount of online I started messing around with cheats and the one I found

Having people from different countries and different ages I was wondering how many languages can you speak guys? I'll sta

I was wondering if I'm able to replay a heist choosing an aproach I didn't go with the first time? Also can I do t

This little glitch has been plaguing my game for the whole playthrough and I can't even remember how many times I've

Since I've bought the Downtown Cab Co. I've received calls for private fares. I failed two of them and turned down th

I'm thinking about getting a garage in GTA Online as well as a Motorcycle, so it would be nice if I would be able to insu

Up from the very first minutes of the game I noticed that there was something different with my game. Up close it was nice de

My Pokemon Emerald internal battery just died. I died a little inside myself...
Yay, weekend is near!! Rain all day and lots of homework. *bleep* you school -_-
Getting GTA V in a few days, but my router extender keeps disconnecting. GTA Online at launch? I hope so.

So R* said it's best to install the disc 2 into a seperate storage. As far as I know when formating a storage device for

They've been out of stock since 13th iirc and haven't refilled yet. I'm just sitting now with my pre-order unable

--Quote Rockstar-- Rockstar has advised Xbox 360 owners not to install Grand Theft Auto V's play disc, as it'll negat

People already have gotten their copies of GTA V and I'm just sitting here, waiting for mine to get dispatched...

Since I recently completed Red Dead Redemption 100% I was thinking about doing the same for GTA V. Who else is going for a 10

--Quote R*-- Thanks so much for the support everyone. GTA: HD Collection coming soon. --End Quote-- I found this comment on

School starts tomorrow. I can't wait -_-

--Quote IGN-- Rockstar Games has announced the addition of Crew Hierarchies to its Social Club in preparation for the launche

So I've been here for over 3 years...

Who else hopes for manual transmissions in GTA V? I would love to have it on my sportscars. And give us the *bleep*ing spe

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