As we know, gym leaders serve the purpose of evaluating a trainer's strength to see if he's ready for the Pokemon lea

Since the beginning of Pokemon there always were Pokemon unobtainable through normal gameplay reserved for events. Mew in Gen

Having such a blast replaying FireRed for the millionth time!!

Haven't been here for a while now, some of you may remember me from before when I used to be fairly active, others might

After completing the story mode and getting a fair amount of online I started messing around with cheats and the one I found

Having people from different countries and different ages I was wondering how many languages can you speak guys? I'll sta

I was wondering if I'm able to replay a heist choosing an aproach I didn't go with the first time? Also can I do t

This little glitch has been plaguing my game for the whole playthrough and I can't even remember how many times I've

Since I've bought the Downtown Cab Co. I've received calls for private fares. I failed two of them and turned down th

I'm thinking about getting a garage in GTA Online as well as a Motorcycle, so it would be nice if I would be able to insu

Up from the very first minutes of the game I noticed that there was something different with my game. Up close it was nice de

My Pokemon Emerald internal battery just died. I died a little inside myself...
Yay, weekend is near!! Rain all day and lots of homework. *bleep* you school -_-
Getting GTA V in a few days, but my router extender keeps disconnecting. GTA Online at launch? I hope so.

So R* said it's best to install the disc 2 into a seperate storage. As far as I know when formating a storage device for

They've been out of stock since 13th iirc and haven't refilled yet. I'm just sitting now with my pre-order unable

--Quote Rockstar-- Rockstar has advised Xbox 360 owners not to install Grand Theft Auto V's play disc, as it'll negat

People already have gotten their copies of GTA V and I'm just sitting here, waiting for mine to get dispatched...

Since I recently completed Red Dead Redemption 100% I was thinking about doing the same for GTA V. Who else is going for a 10

--Quote R*-- Thanks so much for the support everyone. GTA: HD Collection coming soon. --End Quote-- I found this comment on

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