Merry christmas Sammy

Another year has come and gone and my word, what a year it turned out to be. It had its ups and its downs but i'm so glad it ended on such a high note for you . Was also epic FINALLY meeting you in person, after all we've been through in the past few years i could finally give my awesome mate a great big hug . Hope you have a blast tomorow and heres hoping for an awesome year to come

Hiya! Chloe & Prakoso rule!
Hmm, well I'd say we've had a pretty good year on the whole; certainly wouldn't have previously predicted some of where we are now XD
Hope you have a great Christmas and I'll look forward to the good times to come =D

Hey sammy, tis the day for showing affections for those who are special to you so heres a little something for you. You've been such a great mate and i would be truely lost without you. Thanks for everything

Hey Sammy Just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day and i hope its a good one. This is the first time i've stamped here on yours and GE's page XD I hope im doing it right

    Happy early Valentine's day!
    I thought this one was fitting. ~
    Fly away?

    - Sa-chan. ♥
Merry christmas sammy!

What a year its been huh... From the bad times to the best of my life, you've always been there and grown to be one of the greatest friends i could of ever wished for. Heres wishing you the best of days tomorow and hope next year is another great one to come

You mean so much to me that I quickly threw this together in about a minute on paint, just for you! Merry Christmas *Insert Name Here* your a great friend!

Oh look, more snowflakes xD And as we were discussing earlier - Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas? Merry just fit better in this case xD

Yay for Dynasty Warriors 7 and Uncharted 3 - Should be a great gaming year! Lots of Co-op play to have fun with there by the looks of it.

Hope you enjoy your prezzie...I have kept the receipt in case xD Have a great Christmas and I expect I'll see you soon!

Happy holidays man! I don't have a costum stamp so I got you this one... pretty funny don't you think
Tis halloween so a spooky stamp is in order, enjoy

    Dear Sam,

    A wise man once said; “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

    Another wise man said: “Friends are like stars.”

    What does that mean? It means that my friends shine brightest during my darkest hours. And guess what; you’re the friend who has shined brightest for me. Really Sam, I don’t know where I’d be without you.

    Every single time I was suffering, every time something was on my mind, you listened to every word I had to say and you comforted me. You made me smile every night that I was down and even today you make me laugh every single time we have a conversation.

    From being sappy together at half past midnight or just chatting and being random throughout the entire afternoon or whatever the occasion, spending time with you is a joy. My life, honestly, just wouldn’t be the same without you. There’d just be like … a part of me missing.

    I mean, can you imagine it? A finished jigsaw with that one piece lost. Depressing.

    So again, you’ve done a lot for me. More than words can ever describe, honestly, and I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough. Because, one guestbook stamp with a letter? Nope, just doesn’t cut it. A mention on a profile page? It doesn’t even begin to describe how much you mean to me. (And if you haven’t figured it out by now, you mean a lot to me).

    And before I end this, I want you to know that no matter what, I’ll always be there for you. No matter the circumstance, I really can’t bear to see or hear that you’re upset. You’re a great guy Sam, more than great, you’re amazing. Anybody whom you see as a best friend is truly blessed. You should have more confidence in yourself, it’s not that you aren’t good enough for people, they just aren’t good enough for you.

    So remember. I love you, and like that one quote says, I hope to be friends with you until “forever after.”

    Much love,

    Sarvani x

You've been stamped, aren't you a lucky girl. =]

~ All the best,
Hey, tis the festive season again so time for the christmas stamps, merry christmas

Sorry i havnt kept in touch very much, things have been a bit topsy turvy lately but hopefully it'll ease up. Heres a little christmas stamp till then
in soveit russia, guestbook stamps you!

You are a fan of twilight.So here!a stamp of twilight will do.PM me if you want to be friends
STAMPED!!! See ya around!
    You signed my GB at the right time, because the other day I just made a new stamp:

    Thank you also for being a good friend~!

    Talk to you later. ;D

The Killers!!

Hope you had a good day! =D

    Bubble, pop, electric; thanks for being such a great
    friend! You're lots of fun to talk to, and you're always
    there for me! I couldn't ask for a better friend, love
    ya tons~ xx

    - Sarvani <3
It's a bit big ino!

but hey hope you like it

    Hello, Sam. :3

    I made a new stamp so I'm just going around stamping people on my neofriend list, and you are one of them. ^___^

    Enjoy! ;D

Merry Christmas and have a great new year!
Lots of loves, hugs and chistmas glomps from Boo. x

P.S ~ Don't get too drunk. (:
Hey look!
It's Samkuro!
Perhaps my most frequent Guestbook Signer.
It's only fair I [finally] stamp him back, right?

Hope you have a fun, exciting and trouble free tomorrow! Also hope you get everything you wanted. Sure hope I do to.

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow and enjoy your IRL pressies!