Re_Vak samel_25
Feb 15, 07 8:58pm
Hai Sam

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease.
From the dude on your right hand-side

GoW Chainsaw Nub =p

One-Two-Five.One-Two-Five. One-Two-Five.One-Two-Five. One-Two-Five.
jonesy50 samel_25
Dec 19, 06 3:42am

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Re_Vak samel_25
Sep 11, 06 10:43pm

Hail Sam, King Of All Things!
Re_Vak samel_25
Sep 5, 06 7:55pm
...for your Resume

Behold the work of the mighty Sam E. L.!
Pablo2k9 samel_25
Aug 31, 06 12:04am
Cheers for the banner mate. You're a true legend. I've wanted a good banner but ain't got nothing like photoshop
101291 samel_25
Aug 16, 06 4:36pm
a big thank you for the great banner. you must be good at them because every one else is saying how great they are
once again thanks
Tko samel_25
Jul 18, 06 3:56am
Hello i have seen you around Neoseeker so i am signing your guestbook and stamping it.


zhaoyun770 samel_25
Jul 13, 06 1:05am
your avatars and banners are great, on behalf of all your customers, thank you very uch for the great graphics,you should make a career out of it
Ohen the Strong samel_25
Jul 1, 06 3:27pm
You rule at making those thingymabobers i forget what they're called but they're awesome. Uhmmmmm. YOu are a all around cool guy and you should go into computer graphics
Sawl samel_25
Jun 11, 06 2:22am
Heh just wanted to thank you for resizeing my avatar, I really apreciate what you're doing for everyone. Keep up the good work mate!
Lanithro samel_25
Jun 10, 06 10:03pm
Cheers man i love the images you sent me. I hope one day to be able to make sigs and avatars like that...

i love the way you also made the text look exactly like that actual halo 2 font and colour. You're a credit to sig makers everywhere

bananahands690 samel_25
Jun 9, 06 6:10am
thanks alot for all the cool avatars and banners bro, u rock! you should be like some kind of website designer or something lol
Re_Vak samel_25
Jun 3, 06 3:37am
Woo, thanks for the Hitman Stamp..........and the Table Tennis one too =P

I know you made this one, but I don't really care, its still Uber-Cool

The Karabel samel_25
May 31, 06 12:45am
Hey thanks for the great banner! It came out really awesome. It is a really nice thing that you do and I and ever greatfull for your awesome service. U the Man! If you ever need some advice about oblivion, ill glady give you any information that you need. I owe you one!
Slipknot15 samel_25
May 28, 06 5:19am
hey thanks for the awesome sig! It looks so awesome. I don't know if i will be using it but if i do then i will definetly give credit! thanks much!!

Moores samel_25
May 21, 06 9:00pm
Hello there!

Thanks alot for making me banner it's well good and I love it! It's just what the doctor ordered (well me). Keep up the top work, Moores.
mattyboi14 samel_25
May 16, 06 12:06am
ite mate, thanks for the second banner your a legend mate i think its really good, it is just as good as the first one you made me which is class by the way! thanks again. mattyboi14
Malcrasternus samel_25
May 15, 06 9:46pm
Thanks man.

The name kind of blocks out the car, but it's cool.

I started to like this one:
Gnels samel_25
May 14, 06 4:02am
Just saying a big thanks for doing my banner.

Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Cheers mate.
Re_Vak samel_25
Apr 28, 06 7:14pm

Do You Love Me?
Are You Playing You Love-Games With Me?
I Just Wanna Know Cos I Need You Love Alot!
efc fan samel_25
Apr 23, 06 7:35pm
Hey Sam, it's me for the THIRd time! Just wanted to say thanks for the Steven Gerrard picture you made me xD.

Here are some stamp things...

Well done and keep it up.
What Lies Beneath samel_25
Apr 23, 06 3:18am
Thanks for the awesome banner you made me. It's great! I love the fire. You are a top notch member.

- What Lies Beneath
Re_Vak samel_25
Apr 16, 06 12:25am

LoL, I bring you random Picture, Found this when I got bored one day, didn't really think you'd like it, but it is Funny, your most likely gunna delete this post, that'll tell me you don't like the pic, then a new one will appear!

(but you might actually like the next one:P)
mattyboi14 samel_25
Apr 12, 06 7:40pm
ello mate, thanks for making my banner it is quality! I wish i could do something like that its really good mate! Thanks again. Matt
Omceer 1701 samel_25
Apr 12, 06 6:06am

okay here is the one with a stamp thanks!
This is graet I'm on a spree!