Kilik 64 sagemaster
Feb 4, 06 10:23am
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

Phoenix327 sagemaster
Jan 14, 06 9:00am
I've seen you in the Soul Calibur II forums a lot. I don't have a stamp, but...



Sign back to the guestbook of:
Winged Dragon of Ra sagemaster
Jan 1, 06 6:43am
Errr... In case you aren't Blue Star, who is apparently a lot like you... I'm signign to hope you best of luck for the next year, 2006! Here's the Dog!

Awwww... Cute, isn't it? xD

spyhawkwarrior sagemaster
Dec 28, 05 10:36am

Hey Merry christmas and a happy new year hey u helped me in tales of symphonia so i discided to sign
ulmelinejoodik sagemaster
Dec 20, 05 9:38pm
Can you feel the evil residents creeping up on you.....

Anyway, since it's christmas time and everything and you are the love of our RE gang (yes, we all love you, even me) i tought i'd make my own mark on you.
Since i know what you love

Remember, there are other things in life besides piano

I'll be back befor christmas....untill then, back to lurking in the dark coners of Horror Inn
tomato13187 sagemaster
Dec 20, 05 4:30am
Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Botan sagemaster
Dec 19, 05 11:43am
For not realizing that you're a girl ... your user name is misleading. xP

Anyway, thought I should sign, I added you as a neofriend some time ago. x3

Merry Christmas?

Anonymous RPG Fan sagemaster
Dec 13, 05 9:25pm

Hi there, sagemaster! Happy Holidays! ^__^ I hope you have a great time on the holidays, okay? =D
DenniseA sagemaster
Dec 12, 05 7:59am
xix Happy Holidays xix

Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

xix Den-den xix
Uzumaki Mitch sagemaster
Dec 10, 05 7:50pm
I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at:
Chaos Seraph sagemaster
Dec 10, 05 5:33pm

Merry Christmas Sagemaster!
Happy Holidays! ^^
Seung sagemaster
Dec 10, 05 8:04am
Just wanted to drop by and say "your doing a really great job at running the General RE Header and footer contest.Keep up the good work."Don't be a stranger and please sign my guestbook.
Sword Master sagemaster
Dec 3, 05 6:46am
Thanks for being my neofriend! I saw you'd signed my guestbook, so I made it my top priority to sign yours before I sign off!

ARGH! I'm... dyin-
goldensunfanatic sagemaster
Dec 1, 05 6:28am
Thanks for accepting to be a neofriend.
Cute piccie BTW. ^^

Rivera Fan Boy
Seeker X sagemaster
Nov 30, 05 9:00am
Umm...I...uhhh...I looked into her eyes!!!! I can't think!!!

Hahaha, sorry I took so damn long to think of something...but yeah you got a really cool stamp too, thanks (plz dont slap me again!)
dark oni link sagemaster
Nov 30, 05 4:50am
hi dark oni link here u seem like a nice person plz sign my guest bokk too c ya around
gaiablade64 sagemaster
Nov 29, 05 6:43pm

If you drew that you truly are amazing.
The eyes look sorta like water though.
Well, have a nice day, and I'll see you around.

"Moments quickly passed, and our loved ones soon are
gone. Thoughts of love we feel reach the heart, but
not the tongue. Words we speak in anger tumble
loud and bring regret.Words of love are often never
said, Say 'I love you ' while the heart can feel
say 'I love you ' while the hurt it can heal. Make a
heart rejoice, give your love a voice. speak the words
while you can, say 'I love you '"
TurMoiL911 sagemaster
Nov 29, 05 1:12pm
Hey, it's Turmsy !!! Sorry I haven't signed your guestbook lately. Still be friends ?

See you around the Asia forum !!!
Flame Phoenix sagemaster
Nov 25, 05 11:21am
Hi!! u seem really cOOl!! do u want to be neofriends? u can either sign my Guest book or Pm me! well c ya round!! bye!! have fun!!
Just for now sagemaster
Nov 21, 05 9:34am
I have no clue how you found me...I don't think I know who you are, either...

But because you ever so graciously signed my book, I'm signing back.

Wanna be Neo-friends?

maverickboy sagemaster
Nov 18, 05 11:46am
i looked into the eyes of doom and never returned lolz @_@ plz help throw me a rope or someting im drowning.......................................
Elliot Gale sagemaster
Nov 16, 05 12:35pm
I've either never signed this thing, or you get A LOT of signings.

Either way, enjoy. Enjoy what? My rambling. Why would you enjoy that? Because I said so. "Because you say so isn't a valid reason!" you say? Shuttie. Or do you not want to talk?

*insert insanely awesome stamp here*

I win.
Hero of Wind sagemaster
Nov 12, 05 4:48am
Hi, i just relized that i never sighned your guestbook, so heres my stamp, hope u like ff:vii!
Imagination sagemaster
Nov 10, 05 10:17am
I'm really getting pissed. How come you won't sign my g-book.
PLeassSe sign my guestbook.
One question, r u a girl or a boy?

Heres my ultra stamp.

Sign back or I will cry.
think of something sagemaster
Nov 8, 05 4:23am
Well i see you alot in the RE forums so blah blah blah you know the rest right