KOjira94 saged5
Jun 30, 08 9:40pm
I do do videos
some stuff you might like

the old lady kills little boys

Charlie brown XD

Mad TV (I love them)
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SonicFire saged5
May 30, 08 6:20pm

I am known as SF.

Or SonicFire.

My fav number is 15,I am also in Blades of Vanity,also recognized as BoV.

On behalf of BoV,I present this!

Dun Dunn Dun...

Its THAT epic...

onilink79 saged5
Mar 1, 08 4:37am

Thanks for joining the team! In addition to the cake, you get a signing in your guestbook!
Slepten saged5
Feb 18, 08 1:53am

I know that I brag sometimes, so sorry. But I can't help it. (PS: Josh really stinks at pikmin 2)

Want a poem

I like jello
Do you like boo?
Yah, me too.
I know you will like brawl
Umm..... Tall?