Nina Wyndia ryu320
Jan 4, 05 9:46pm
Hi Karl, Where have you been? We miss you. How come you don't come on Neoseeker hardly anymore?


DQ Maniac ryu320
Sep 28, 04 12:46am
DQ Maniac ryu320
Aug 18, 04 3:51am
Be like Bozo, drink Labatt Blue!

Bozo in blue, how sad are you when you don't have a Labatt Blue!!
Dark Link ryu320
Jul 6, 04 7:57pm
Oh, I already signed ur guestbook before...
Well, I'll just do it again!

See ya!
Triforce Holder ryu320
Jul 3, 04 12:15am
Hey, I've seen you in the OOT and MM forums, so just thought I'd sign. See ya around
stupid character thing, ssssppppppaaaaaccccceeeeee

Dark Link ryu320
Jul 2, 04 9:01pm
I saw u in the OoT forum, and I just wanted to sign ur GB!
Here have a stamp;)

Hope u like it:) Please sign back;)
I'll see u in the forums

sing_for_absolution ryu320
May 12, 04 5:53pm
get a gc and pso damm you! i think ur ghreat and to make up the character limit: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,asgfkjhsaodfgkjashdgsaijghksahgkhsaljghuk;as;jghoashgjlhaslkghjksjaglhjlahgkjhklaghjlhHGA THERE....
Nina Wyndia ryu320
May 6, 04 10:27pm
Hi, I'd just like to thank you for answering my question on The BOF5 forum, where I was known as 'pharaoh chrispy' and giving me the idea to redgister, so thanks!
Djsolidussnake ryu320
Aug 21, 03 10:10am
Hey sorry for not signing your guestbook for so long, it was great seeing you around bof forums, try to keep posting on neoseeker!!!
Kirby127 ryu320
Aug 13, 03 9:18pm
a>Hey whoever. Ima call you Josh. Here ya go Josh:

a>run "heysmiley.gif"


a>Woah. The little smileys are blushing. They must really like you. But the other ones just look sorta bored. Or dead. They're staring at you like you got 3 heads. Wow you must be pretty popular. All those smileys looking at you. And alot of em are blushing. The others...aren't. Yeah.

a>So anyways yes I am signing your guestbook like Strong Bad. Because...I feel like it.

a>Yes Josh, I am just wasting time now...yeah...wasting time...graysting rhyme...pasting mime...OK I'll stop now. So sign my guestbook Josh! The link is down there. In your hair. Look at those smileys stare. Sorry, I'll stop.

(Where's that stupid paper that comes down from the top of the screen?!? I mean what the f...Oh yeah, this is neo...there's no paper. Neo needs a paper.)

a>run "linktoguestbook"
PrettyIce ryu320
Aug 7, 03 9:35am
Hey Ryu! I know you signed my g-book a long time ago, but I thought I would just sign yours anyway. Thanks for your help!

Shadow_Ninja ryu320
Jan 1, 03 12:57am
Well you asked me to sign it so I am and I have seen you on several forums, I am new so be nice ;P

Remember you do not know where I am for I am in the shadows, stay away from the shadows if you wish to survive
jok ryu320
Dec 24, 02 6:19am
Wassup! Due to request I am signing your guestbook. I remember you being in ALL of the BoF forums, and LoL. I always thought you were a pretty cool guy. And I hope we can talk some more. SeeYA (I suck at writing)
Tricrokra ryu320
Dec 22, 02 10:45pm
Hello Ryu...

You wanted me to sign your guestbook... Sure... Here I am...
I never know what to write in guestbooks, and I don't know it now eighter...
Guess I'm pretty boring when it comes to signing guestbooks...
Oh well, I gues there are other things I'm interesting it...
Hehehe... Well... I've been talking a lot without saying anything... Hehehe...

See you around in the forums!
Gary ryu320
Dec 22, 02 10:38pm
Well since you asked so nicely I thought I'd sign. I really don't know you but I've seen you around the bof4 forum. Anyway talk to you later;).
dark dragoon ryu320
Dec 22, 02 5:09am
hi ryu320 with the warm welcome to this site
well see ya around and have happy xmas .am sure your get lot of cool new rpg games.
jeff had ryu320
Dec 18, 02 6:49pm
Hey dude...Juz post here for fun!!!We are still friends right! PLZ sign mine back....

BTW,my post is higher than u now!!!
PS:Teach omp how to sign other people guestbook!;D
Dec 13, 02 5:01am
Hey man i saw you in the bof2 forum for Gameboyadanced so i thought i would drop by and sign your guestbook i hope to see you in some other forums and maybe we can get a mod for bof2 someday well later.
LuLuLady ryu320
Dec 8, 02 3:28pm
Well since you signed my guestbook, I'll be more then willing to sign yours. Haven't seen you around much, but I hope that can change. YAY! Go guy I don't even know!
Okay I guess I better stop writing....
DemonLord ryu320
Dec 6, 02 9:16pm
Seein as you signed my guestbook i thought i might as well sign yours. Its good talkin to another BOF4 fan so ill see you around:)
yuna ryu320
Nov 22, 02 12:42am
all i can say about you is at firat i thought you where another mike(bof4 master) no offence mike but after time you seem like a realy nice guy but it still early days so don't get on the wrong side of me or i'll make your life i living hell
Nemesii ryu320
Nov 22, 02 12:32am
Hi ryu, you asked me to sign, so, here I am . Yeah I'm in a lot of forums, so you'll probably be seeing me around on neo quite a bit. Tell me when you get an X-box and we can talk again some time, ok?

RPG_Master44 ryu320
Nov 19, 02 10:49pm
You asked therefore you shall recieve. Thanks for the kind words in the PM. I am glad someone respects the work I do. Well see you in BoFV.

BoF4Master ryu320
Nov 17, 02 9:29pm
Ryu320, you have been fragged by the computing penguin.

BoF4Master ryu320
Oct 17, 02 10:54pm
Hi Ryu, I am your other half, Fou-Lu! Ah, but according to your avatar, you are Ryu from BoF3, who is Brood, not Endless. Anyway, I'll see you around!

From: Mike C.